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CH 4,6,10,11

Health and Wellness

Wellness Taking steps toward your own good health, physical, emotional, and mental.
Nutrients chemicals in food the body needs to work properly.
aerobic Activities that help the body use and take in more oxygen.
food allergy A bad reaction to a certain food.
endurance Your ability to continue physical activity for a long time.
Stress emotional and physical tension
Calories a unit of measure for energy.
Energy in one gram of carbohydrates 4 calories
Energy in one gram of Fat 9 calories
Energy in one gram of protein 4 calories
Percentage of calories in fat each day 30%
Percentage of calories in carbs each day 55%
Percentage of calories in protein each day 15%
Nutrient density a way of comparing the amount of energy or calories supplied by a food with the nutrients it provides.
Basal Metabolic Rate The speed at which your body uses energy for basic processes.
BMR depends on age gender,body build
Percentage of food budget spent on food prepared outside the home %50
Au gratin topped with cheese or bread crumbs
Scalloped baked in a creamy sauce
Anexoria nervosa People who have this disorder purposely starve themselves.
Bulimia nervosa People with this disorder binge and purge.
Binge Eating disorder People with this disorder binge regularly but don't purge.
Food Intolerance when a person can't digest certain foods.
Diabetes the body can't control blood sugar properly.
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