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Ch 2

Term or QuestionAnswer or definition
Often called the "Language of Science" Mathematics
Science of Quantity Mathematics
Science put to use through Mathematics Technology
Mathematical sentences Equations
Use symbols to summarize a mathematical relationship between quantities Equations
The most important part of an equation = (equals sign)
Where all lines drawn outward from the center intersect from the same spiral at the same angle is known as __?__ Logarithmic Spriral
How closely a measurement reflects the actual value Accuracy
The repeatability of a measurement Precision
A "short cut" to writing very large or small numbers by using the powers of 10 is called Scientific Notation
A large number will have a __?__ exponent positve
A small number will have a __?__ exponent negative
In order for measured data to be meaningful, it must include what 3 things Units, Unit must match quantity being measured, and others need to know what the unit's mean
Which ancient measurement deals with the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger Cubit
Which ancient measurement deals with the distance of a palm's breadth Palm
Which ancient measurement deals with the width of an outstretched hand Span
Which ancient measurement deals with a finger's breadth Digit
Which ancient measurement deals with the length of a person's foot Foot
What is the major concern or problem with the ancient measurements Every person is shaped and sized differently
A uniform unit of measure standard of measure
The U. S. customary system is? F.P.S. system
F.P.S. stands for Foot-Pound-Second
Most all other nations besides the U. S. use this system that is based on powers of 10 Metric
k kilo
M mega
G giga
h hecto
da deca
d deci
c centi
m milli
µ micro
n nano
one thousand kilo
one million mega
one billion giga
one hundred hecto
ten deca
one tenth deci
one hundredth centi
one thousandth milli
one millionth micro
one billionth nano
SI stands for Systeme International d'Unites (International System of Units
SI unit for measuring length meter (m)
SI unit for measuring capacity liter (L)
SI unit for measuring mass and weight kilogram (kg)
SI unit for measuring time second (s)
SI unit for measuring temperature in other nations and in the U. S. for scientific, technical, and military purposes Celsius
SI unit for measuring temperature in the U. S. weather Fahrenheit
Temperature that contains an absolute zero Kelvin
Amount of space that matter takes up Volume
to find volume in similar geometric shapes, we use a common formulas which is __?__ v=lwh
Volume of an irregularly shaped solid can be measured through what technique Fluid displacement
The formula for Fluid displacement V=Vf – Vi
A less accurate and less used method to detect volume is with a container that has volume markings. What is this method known as __?__ Direct Volume measurement
how tightly packed mass is in a certain volume is called __?__ Density
Density = mass (g))/(volume (cm3)
We can use density to identify __?__ substances
The ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a standard Specific Gravity
__?__ is just a number with no units Specific Gravity
a solid will only __?__ in a liquid if and only if the solid has a lower __?__ than the liquid float; density
Review the following kinds of problems Scientific Notation; Sig Digs; Dimensional Analysis, Converting temperatures, Calculating volume and density
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist