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Lecture 1/ Reading 1

Lecture 1

Science a sense making system based on disconfirmation
Disconfirmation lining up various ideas, finding the false ones, and proving them to be invalid (finding the best current answer)
Earth the world; technically the 3rd planet from the sun, which is the center of the solar system; the only known astronomical body to support life
Geography the field of study dedicated to phenomenon (stuff) on earth
Location a point on a map; a position in physical space
Map 2D representation of an area
Place the living and nonliving characteristics of a location
Disclosive Perspective understanding the meaning and how of everyday things; it makes us dig deeper
True/False. Geography is the study of maps False
True/False. Lines of Latitude are parallel to the equator True
True/False. Science determines truth False
True/False. A map is a 2D depiction of an area True
Which of the following is a position in space? a) earth b)location c) geography d) place location
Scientific Aquaintance necessary to become a responsible citizen in a very large world
Romantic Aquaintance necessary to shape a sense of one's place with nature in a very small world
Biosphere the vast and mobile systems of life
hydrosphere the vast and mobile system of water
Atmospherere the layer of gasses surrounding earth
Lithosphere the solid outer layer of earth
Great Systems the systems listed above, touch all parts of the planet and drive geographic change; setting the framework for earth's global environment
Thresholds LOOK UP critical limits that create balance between the forces of change and stabilization LOOK UP
System any set of things linked together by some kind of interaction; a cycle of energy and matter
Geographic Scale how much earth space a system occupies and where it is found
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