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Module 6

Optum Final -- Chapters 4-8

Booking non-patient appointments must be done directly from the___. Schedule
How do you access the mini-menu? Left-click on Pt's name
How long does the mini-menu schedule display on the screen? 8 seconds
Calendars can be generated for multiple providers for either one day or one week. (T/F) TRUE
When a pt is to be seen by a provider but also needs an ultrasound at the same visit, what feature do you use? Multi-resource
You can select multiple providers by holding what key while clicking on the provider names? Ctrl
If a pt does not want to get a confirmation call from Televox, you must update what in pt details tab in the pt module/demographics tab? Notification preference
When rescheduling an existin appt which button must you use to avoid creating an additional appt? Book appt
The Hash CPT box of the batch is where you enter the sum of all CPT codes (add the following: 99212+71101+99215+9300+99203+99173), what number would you enter into Hash CPT? 560904
To enter/accept a payment on account from the patient with no outstanding balance (in the payment screen of transaction module, Pmt on Acct tab), select what? Method>Force unapplied
What is the acronym for the commission that certifies electronic medical records? CCHIT
Which stage of meaningful use is consdidered the "Improved Outcome"stage? Stage 3
How many core objectives are associated with Stage 2 meaningful use? 14
How long is the attestation period for Stage 1 meaningful use, during the first year of the program? 90 days
What tool with HarrisTracker helps to measure meaningful use? Meaningful Use Dashboard
The red triangle icon represents what in HarrisTracker PM and EMR? Patient alerts
Where in the Pt Medical History panes can you track vital statistics, diabetic insulin dosages, pain assessment, and other useful tracking information? Flowsheet
Where can you find the E&M evaluator in HarrisTracker? Clinical Toolbar
What is the name of the Rx writer in HarrisTracker EMR? Surescripts
Once you open the pt's medical record, where can you find the name of the pt's primary care physician? Clinical toolbar
Electronic tasks should be checked when? Before pt arrives; between pts and before departing for the dsay (all)
What is considered the hear tof the pt record? Progress notes
What application in HarrisTracker EMR features info regarding prevention and disease management measures? Pt Care Management Application
An unsigned note in HarrisTracker EMR refers to what? An unsigned progress note
Once enrolled in Surescripts, the practice is required to send a minimum of how many prescriptions within 48 hours to receive renewal requests and to accept/deny requests? Five
Manual and electronic results are saved in the following two locations: Dashboard tab and Tasks (within Clinical Today)
An encounter is an interaction with a patient and includes Visits, ICD codes and CPT codes but no the following: Payments
Transfer status means that a patient has been transferred to: Examination room
Selected medications are screened for possible contraindications in regard to: Pt's active meds; pt's problems and pt's allergies (all)
When a pt is allergic to a medication, what type of alert would most be appropriate? Pop-up alert
What is a method to access the Medical Record module? Pull pt into context; then click Medical Records module
Which icon indicates that an order includes multiple tests? Expand icon
Open orders in the open Activities section displays a test that is overdue in: Red
If no interactions were returned in the Medication column Actions, the Interactions icon appears as: Dimmed
What is the only method to process a controlled (scheduled) drup prescription? Print
Generic versions of drugs are displayed in what for easy identification? Italics
Which application provides access to the CDC website? Immunizations
A Visit can only be edited when? Prior to becoming a charge
In Open Encounters, a Note can have four different statuses but the following would not be one? Co-signature
You can sign the note directly from which locations? Unsigned Notes application and Progress Notes application
Progress notes include all of the following information: Pt's history, allergies and medications
Which is NOT an alternate way to access progress notes? Quick Picks (you can access thru Select Encounter, Progress Notes in Clinical toolbar and Progress Notes app)
When can you make edits to a progress note after it has been signed by the provider and supervising provider? If the signing provider UNsigns it first
What is true about deleting progress notess? You can only delete an unsigned note
Who can Unsign a progress note? The operator who signed the note
If the progress note requires a co-signature, the Signed column displays the following: CS
If a Result has an unmatched status the results is only saved in the resulkts app of the following locations: Home module and Clinical Today module
The Action menu in the results column allows you to do the following: Print the result; attach result to a To Do; and Delete the result
When a patient checks out from an appointment, the patient is automatically pulled into context. What displays upon checkout? All To Dos for orders, prescriptions, referrals, educational handouts, and the chart summary
Which of the following is nota type of RecallLetter available when using the recalls/Letters Due application? Outstanding Orders
Which of the following is a reason to run an Immunization Lot report? Product recall, Monitor expiration dates, Monitory inventory (all)
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