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6th Grade HAL #3

HAL studystack for 6th grade.

Indulge to give into the wishes of yourself or others
Luxuriant something that makes normal life easier
Eke to increase with great effort
Subsist barely managing to get bye
Adapt to get use to because of new circumstances
Orient to get accustomed to your surroudnigs
Mundane common
Trite tired
Refurbish to refurnish or redecorate
Naive not smart
Sopisticated smart
Manipulate to influnce unfairly
Rig to fix or make; to manipulate; to fit a ship with sails
Provision a supply of food or other needs; a condition written into a contract
Stringent sever, urgent, convincing, or forcible
Rigor strict or severe
Vehement intense; marked by a lot of energy
Strident making a harsh sound
Motif a theme or idea in the arts; a design or pattern
Theme a topic or motif
Refugee a person who flees for safety
Sanctuary a place of protection
Asylum a place offering protection
Residue something that remains after a part is removed or cleaned
Squalor dirt filth
Scheme a secret plan
Oblivion in their own little world
Straightfowardness honest
Deceit anything inteded to mislead
Maneuver to move by a scheme; a planned movements of troops
Inert something that can't move without help
Forlon lost; miserable
Desolate miserable; no inhabitants
Created by: HAL2009