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Assignment 1 Option 2

What are supporting details? A. examples B. evidence C. experiences D. explanation E. all of the above E. all of the above
Your goal is to __________ key concepts, important ideas, and supporting details. Collect
It's best to approach reading with a negative attitude. True or False. False
The opposite of mindless reading is __________ . Active reading
Active reading is the act of running your eyes over a page only to realize you don't remember anything you've read. True or False. False
All are correct about creating a reading schedule EXCEPT: A. keeps you current with assignments B. helps you get an A in all your classes C. increases how much you remember from what you read D. helps you concentrate for your entire reading session B. helps you get an A in all your classes
When you see special formatting, you know the author is trying to tell you something important. True or False. True
Charts, graphs, illustrations, cartoons, photographs, and diagrams are all examples of: A. table of contents B. special formatting C. visual elements D. chapter summaries C. visual elements
Good readers don't read words; they read ________ . Ideas
You can read faster if you concentrate on what you're reading. True or False. True
The more difficult the reading , the more you'll want to __________ . Pause to recite
To annotate means to highlight ideas in your textbook. True or False. False
Annotations could include all but the following: A. to-do list B. diagrams C. questions that you want answers to D. summaries in your own words A. to-do list
Use a __________ when you don't know the meaning of a key word. Dictionary
Developing an eloquent and extensive vocabulary is a great success strategy. True or False. True.
All are good questions to ask yourself when you want to reflect on what you've read EXCEPT: A. What are the key concepts? B. What are the supporting details? C. What do I personally think and feel about the main ideas? D. Am I done yet? D. Am I done yet?
Reading _______ is important when assessing information that you encounter online. Critically
What can you do if you are still having trouble with reading? A. ask your instructor to clarify B. give up C. go to a lab or tutoring center D. only a E. both a and c E. both a and c
What is a main idea? The most important idea that an author wants to convey that expands on the key concept.
What are other ways that you can understand what you've read? Reread the difficult passages, talk about what you've read with others, or read another book on the same subject.
Created by: jsweatt
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