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Rad protection ch 6


The _____is the fundamental component of structure, development, growth, and life processes in the human body. Cell
Proper cell function enables the body to maintain_______,or equilibrium. Homeostasis
The biomolecules that comprise protoplasma are formed from _________elements. 24
Proteins are formed when organic compounds called______combine into long, chain like molecular complexes. Amino acids
If radiation damage is excessive because of the delivered equivalent dose, the damage will be too severe for______to have a positive effect. Repair enzymes
______regulate body functions such as growth and development. Hormones
Although carbohydrates are found throughout the body, they are most abundant in the______and in_______tissue. Liver and muscle
The sequences of amino acids are determined by the order of the adenine-thymine and cytosine-guanine base pairs in the_______macromolecule. Dna
By maintaining the correct proportion of water in the cell,_______pressure is maintained. Osmaotic
Dizygotic twins are also known as______twins. Fratenal
Chromosomes are composed_________. Dna
Water tends to move across cell surfaces or membranes into areas in which a_______concentration of ions is present. High
By balancing the concentration of potassium ions (as well as sodium and chlorine ions), the cell regulates the amount of________it contains. Fluid
_______enables the cell to perform the vital functions of synthetic proteins and producing energy. Metabolism
The primary purpose of carbohydrates is to provide fuel for cell________. Metabolism
_______manufacture (synthesis) the various proteins that cells require using the blueprints provided by mRNA. ribosomes
Both the_____and_______capabilities of enzymes are of vital importance to the survival of the cell. Catalytic and repair
Lipids are organic________large molecules built from smaller chemical structures. Macromolecules
By directing protein synthesis, the_______plays an essential role in active transport, metabolism, growth, and heredity. Nuecleus
The_________transports food and molecules from one part of the cell to another. Endo plastic reticulum
Nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) carry genetic information necessary for cell___________. Replication
The primary function of__________ appears to be the breaking down of unwanted large molecules that either penetrate into the cell through microscopic channels or are drawn in by the cell membrane itself. Lysomoes
________metabolism is the breaking down of large molecules into smaller ones through the process of oxidation. Oxidative
_______are chemical compounds resulting from the action of an acid and a base on each other. Salts
Salts are sometimes referred to as_________. Electrolytes
Process of locating and identifying genes in the genome Mapping
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