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Rad protection ch 1


BERT emphasizes that radiation is an_________part of our environment. Innate
Radiation exposure should always be kept at the_________possible level for the general public Lowest
Effective radiation protection consists of the tools and techniques primarily designed to_________ radiation exposure while producing______________diagnostic images. minimize and optimal quality
When ionizing radiation is used to obtain a mammogram for the welfare of a patient, the directly realized___________of the exposure to this radiant energy________________any slight________of inducing a radiogenic malignancy or any genetic defect. benefits, far outweigh, and risk
in medicine, when radiation safety principles are applied correctly during imaging procedures, the______________deposited in living tissue can be limited, thereby reducing the potential for________________________. energy and biologic effects
Diagnostic efficacy is____________when assential images are produced under recommended radiation protection guidelines. maximized
The rationale for______________comes from evidence compiled by scientists over the past century. ALARA
Radiologic technologist and radiologists follow____________procedures. established
to use_____________as a basic principle for radiation, a radiographer can reduce the amount of x-ray "beam on" time. time
Patients not only should be made aware of what a specific procedure involves and what type of cooperation is required, but also must be informed of what needs to be done, if anything as a_________to their examination. Follow up
Radiologic technologists and radiologist are educated in________operation of radiation producing imaging equipment. safe
a radiographer should alaways shield the patient with appropriate _________and/or__________shielding. gonadal and specific area
The____________concept should serve as a guide for the selection of technical exposure factors. ALARA
_________does not imply radiation risk; it is simply a means for comparison. BERT
Optimal radiographic images should be obtained with the__________exposure. first
Radiologic technologists and radiologists use___________devices whenever possible. protection
Management in the health care facility should perform a periodic exposure_________to determine how radiation exposure in the work place may be lowered. audit
____________understanding of biologic effects associated with diagnostic radiology was gained throughout the twentieth century. greater
The millisievert (mSv) is a__________of the sievert (Sv). subunit
X-rays are a form of________________radiation; therefore, their use in medicine for the detection of disease and injury requires____________measures. ionizing and protective
Imaging facilities must have an effective radiation safety program that provides patient protection and patient__________. education
Ionizing radiation such as x-rays have both a__________and a__________ potential. beneficial and destructive
Radiographers should select the_________smallest radiation exposure the produces useful radiographic images. smallest
Creation of___________atoms is a consequence of ionization in healthy tissue. unstable
Radiation workers are required to preform their__________practices in a manner consistent with the ALARA principle occupational
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