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Ch 8 Rad protection

principles of radiographic imaging

Explain the differences between alpha and beta particles.
An alpha particle contains two protons and two neutrons, is equivalent to a helium nucleus. It has great mass and a positive charge. A beta particles are negatively charged and very light. As a result they travel further in matter then alpha particles.
Differentiate between somatic and gentic effects. Somatic effects may become evident in the irradiated individual. Gentic effects do not produce any significantly observable effects in the exposed individuals.
What are the primary sources of ionizing radiation? Give examples of each. Natural: cosmic radiation, terrestrial radiation. Man made: x-rays,radiopharmaceutical, consumer products, air travel, nuclear fuel production, and fallout.
What is the kerma? Kinetic energy released in matter; the energy I'm parted directly to the elections per unit mass.
Describe the function of a GM survey instrument. Geiger Mueller (GM) survey instruments or counters are primarily used to detect the presence of radiation rather then provide exact measurment.
What are the three basic quantities of radiation measurements and their associated conventional and si units? Roentgen(r): kilogram Rad: gray Rem: sievert
List three types of personnel monitoring devices. Optically stimulated luminescence (osl) dosimeter, film badge dosimeter, and thermo luminescent do silencer (tld).
Explain the function of the filters in a dosimeter. The filters in the film badge holder provide a means of determining the energy of the incident radiation
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