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Brachial Plexopathy

What population are you likely to see TOS in? females > males (2-3:1) , ppl after fourth decade of life
What are the sites of compression or entrapment of the brachial plexus (plexopathy) 1. interscalene triangle 2. costoclavicular space 3. axillary space
Describe the anatomy of the interscalene triangle. in posterior triangle of neck, bordered by scalenus anterior, scalenus medius, and first rib
Describe the anatomy of the costoclavicular space between clavicle and first rib
Describe the anatomy of the axillary space. anterior deltopectoral fascia, pectoralis minor, and coracoid
Study the brachial plexus anatomy DO IT
What is the problem with adsons maneuver? you get a lot of false positives (low specificity)
What tests should you do for TOS? *Roos test (EAST…ER ABD sustained test) – put arms at a fieldgoal and open and close palms, difficulty holding hands up after like 20 sec.., stop @ sx *Upper limb tension tests*Tinel’s sign over the brachial plexus (Erb’s point)
Created by: PTROCKS