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The Outsiders Ch.5-8

Vocabulary terms

imploringly p. 72 To beg for urgently
elude p. 78 To escape the understanding of
wistfully p. 82 In a wishful way
sullenly p. 73 In a crabby, pouting way
hue p. 77 A color, shade, or tint
racking p. 98 Causing great mental suffering
detached p.92 Separated or disconnected
doggedly p. 88 Determined or stubbornly
conviction p. 89 Firm belief
subside (6) Die down or lower
radiate (7) to beam/shine or to send out rays
delinquents (7) People who commit a crime
manslaughter (7) Unlawfully killing another without planning in advance
brawn (7) strength or physical power
recurring (7) occurring again and again
aghast (7) shocked or terrified
exploit (7) daring act or heroic deed
faltered (8) spoke hesitantly or stammered
jet (8) black and usually highly polished
divert (8) To turn from its course
Created by: swinstead