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The ultimate goal of any accountability system is to help students develop into independent learners
When communicating assignments and work requirements to students, you should also provide a reason for doing the assignment or explain what students may gain from the effort
communicating assignments and work requirements to students, your form of communication should be written
after giving instructions for assignments, you should check understanding by asking the students questions or asking them to provide examples
when you are giving instructions for group work, what should you do first? move students to groups first and make sure you have their attention
when beginning an assignment, one good strategy to ensure that students understand the instructions and get started is to have students begin the assignment as a group
What are 4 ways you can promote a sense of belonging to students? 1)speak courteously and calmly 2)share information 3) use positive statements as often as possible 4) establish a feeling of community
3 important aspects of the teaching process as it relates to teaching rules and procedures 1)describe and demonstrate the desired behavior 2)rehearsal-practicing the behaviors 3)feedback
what is traditional authority? students are expected to behave because the teacher is the adult in charge
what is bureaucratic authority? uses teacher's ability to use grades to reward effort and performance and to use prescribed consequences for desirable and innappropriate behaviors
what is expert/professional authority? based on teacher knowledge and skills
what is charismatic authority? where teachers are expressive and outgoing, or engange studnets with their interactive style and good communication skills
what is authoritarian leadership? don't provide reasons for rules, control through threats and punishments
what is authoritative leadership? explain basis for maturity and a willingness to behave responsibly, and administer consequences fairly
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