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Critical Thinking The ability and willingness to assess claims critically and to make judgments on the basis of objective and supported reasoning.
Scientific Method A series of steps followed to solve problems. Observe (usually a problem) Form a question about the problem Form a hypothesis Test the hypothesis Analyze data Conclusion
Variables a factor that changes in an experiment in order to test a hypothesis. Only one variable at a time is tested. No experiment is a failure
Direct Indirect An observation made with the senses using a tool, instrument or resource to measure or quantify an observation
Units of Measure Length meter m Mass Kilogram** kg Time second s Temperature Celsius C
Common Comparisons 1 meter is about 1 yard (3 feet)- a meter stick 1 Kg is about 2.2 lbs.- a pineapple (30 grams is 1 oz)-travel size hand sanitizer 100 degrees C. is equal to 212 degrees F.- boiling H20 1 Liter is about a quart- milk is often sold in quarts
Units of Measure Kilo K Thousand 1000 Mega M Million 1 000 000 Giga G Billion 1 000 000 000 Deci d Tenth 0.1 Centi c hundredth 0.01 Milli m Thousandth 0.001
Bytes one byte is the amount of memory to store one character of text on a computer.
Length a measure of a straight line distance between two points.
Mass the amount of matter in an object.
Volume a measure of the size of a body or region in three dimensions
Weight a measure of gravitational force.
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