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Procedures 2.

The carotid bifurcation is located upper border of thyroid cartilage. C5
The aortic arch s located 2.5cm below jugular notch
S1 and S2 are located at the level of the ASIS
Flank pain refers to side of the trunk adjoining the lumbar region
The term antebrachial refers to the area of the forearm
T9 and T10 are located at the level of the: xiphoid process
plane passing through the body at right angles to its longitudinal axis is termed: Horizontal
The carina is located at: T4-T5, sternal angle
In which quadrant of the abdomen is the appendix usually located? RLQ
What is a parameter that allows for the adjustment of the gray scale? Window Width
What controls image brightness? Window level
L4 and L5 are located at the level of the: Crest
How many regions is the abdomen divided into? What are they Nine. Hypochondrium, epigastrium, lateral, umbilical, inguinal, hypogastrium
The adult skeleton is composed of how many bones? 206
rostral refers to towards nose
Most of the small intestine is located in which quadrant? LLQ
Aortic bifurcation? L4-L5
Celiac trunk? 4 cm above transpyloric plane
Suprasellar Cistern? circle of willis
Common iliac vein bifurcation L5, upper margin of SI joint
Conus Medullaris T12 to L1/L2
Heart: Apex fifth intercostal space, left midclavicular line
Heart: base level of 2nd and 3rd costal cartilages behind sternum
4 cm above bifurcation of abdominal aorta inferior mesenteric artery
2 cm above transpyloric plane superior mesenteric artery
portal vein behind head of pancreas
anterior to L1, inferior to superior mesenteric artery Renal arteries
midway between superior and inferior border of thyroid cartilage vocal cords
What are Hounsfield units? (HU) express CT numbers... scale to describe radio density "linear transformation of the linear attenuation coefficient"
What do CT numbers greater than zero represent? attenuate more than water..?
Two main body cavities and their divisions? DORSAL: cranial and spinal. VENTRAL: Thoracic and abdominopelvic
Thenar? fleshy part of hand at the base of the thumb
Volar? Palm of the hand or flexor surface of wrist or sole of foot
Popliteal? back of knee
Gallbladder quadrant? RUQ
Stomach quadrant? LUQ
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