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qi tonics general taste is sweet
what organs do qi tonics enter lu,sp
contraindications for qi tonics pure excess or pure exterior dissorders
Name two herbs that tonify the qi Ren shen,Huang Qi
Causes for blood deficiency blood loss,yin deficiency,qi deficiency
causes for blood stagnation cold deficiency, excess,heat deficiency, excess, and qi stagnation
causes of bleeding heat, def,excess,cold,def,excess,qi deficiency and blood stasis
what are some symptoms of blood deficiency paleness,dizziness,dryness,numbness,thin pulse
symptoms of blood stagnation pain, masses, purple color
symptoms of bleeding any abnormal bleeding
what organs do blood tonics enter lv,ht,sp
what taste is blood tonics sweet
these herbs are combined with herbs that tonify the yin, regulate the blood,tonify the qi blood tonics
Namee three blood tonics dang Gui,bai shao,shui di huang
deficiency cold is always what interior
excess cold can be either what interior or exterior
what are some common symtoms for deficiency cold loose stools, 5am diarrhea,depression, fatigue
herbs that tonify the yang enter what organs spleen, kidney,heart
what would the general property be for yang tonics warm, because the body is cold
name a yang tonic herb du zhong
herbs that tonify the yin sha shen
deficiency heat is always interior
name some symtoms of deficiency heat low grade fever,night sweats,dry mouth,red tongue peeled, insomnia, irritability, 5 center heat
organ effected by yin deficiency lung, kidney,heart, lv,stomach
what property of herbs are for yin tonics cold
main organs yin tonics enter all yin organs exept spleen
name symptoms for lung yin deficiency dry cough,loss of voice,thirst, dry throat, dry skin, thick sputum
symptoms of kidney yin deficiency weak low back, knees,, dininished sexual activity
what herbs are used to stabalize and bind shan zhu yu,
if a patient had abnormal leakage what herb would you use herbs that stabalize and bind, diarrhea, exessive urination, prolapse
herbs that stabilize and bind can treat what conditions abnormal leakage, prolapse of organs,internal deficiency, heat cold yin/yang
what are the taste for herbs that stabalize and bind sour
what are some contraindication fpr herbs that stabalize and bind exterior condition, internal excess conditions
herbs that stabalize and bind enter what organs kd liver
yi thinking memory, concentration, spleen
hun liver- sleep plans, projects life aims
shen heart- consciousness, affects memory and sleep
po lung- feelings and sensation
zhi kd-will power. drive, determination
if a patient has palpatations, irritability,insomnia, anxiety, insanity, what type of herb would you prescribe herbs the calm the mind and the spirit
what herb settles and calms the spirit long gu
what herb nourishes ht yin and liver and is used for deficienct patterns suan zao ren
what herbs that open the orifices shi chang pu
What is the taste of the herbs that open the orifices acrid
what are herbs that open the orifices, there used to treat what closed dissorder, aka phlegm misting the hearts orifices, interior excess conditions
name two main closed disorder hot closed disorder, cold closed dissorder
what organ do herbs that open the orifices heart
internal wind can cause excess heat, def heat yang rising, liver blood deficiency
what are the general symptoms seen with wind dissorders headache, dizziness,blurred vision,tinnitus, vertigo, muscle twitches
what are the characteristics that exxtinguish wind and stop tremors mostly cold, enter the liver, most are animal products
what taste is in herbs that exstinguich wind amd stop tremors sweet
what are the two herbs that treat wind and tremors tian ma,gou teng
what are herbs that treat localized skin problems substances for external application
what are some symptoms you will see with herbs that are for external application used for localized skin problems, swelling, pain and rashes
What herbs are applied topically herbs for external application
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