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Basic Actions

Korean to English Tang Soo Do Basic Actions/Commands

High Block Sang Dan Mahk Kee
Low Block Ha Dan Mahk Kee
Front Punch Choong Dan Kong Kyuck
Front Kick Ahp Cha Gi
Hammer Fist Kwon Do Kong Kyuck
Side Kick Yup Cha Gi
Attention Cha Ryut
Ready Stance Choon Bee Ja Seh
Forward Stance Chun Gul Ja Seh
Side Stance Sa Ko Rip Ja Seh
Horse Stance Kee Ma Ja Seh
Outside to Inside Block Pahkeso Ahnu Ro Mahk Kee
Inside to Outside Block Ahneso Phaku Ro Mahk Kee
Back Fist Strike Kap Kwon Kong Kyuck
Out to In Crescent Kick Ro Pahkeso Ahnu Ro Cha Gi
In to Out Crescent Kick Ahnu Ro Pahkeso Cha Gi
Roundhouse Kick Dull Ryo Cha Gi
Fighting Stance Deh Ryun Ja Seh
Back Stance Hu Gul Ja Seh
Bow Kyung Ret
Breaking Kyok Pa
Self Defense Ho Sin Sol
One Step Sparring Il So Sik
Forms Hyung
Open Hand Low Block Ha Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee
Open Hand Middle Block Choong Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee
Open Hand High Block Sang Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee
Elbow Strikes Pahl Coop Kong Kyuck
Knife Hand Soo Do Kong Kyuck
Palm Heel Strike Jang Kwon Kong Kyuck
Jump Front Kick E-Dan Ahp Cha Gi
Jump Side Kick E-Dan Yup Cha Gi
Back Kick Dwi Cha Gi
Stomp Kick Bahl Dwi Kup Cha Gi
X Block Low Sang Soo Ha Dan Mahk Kee
X Block Side Sang Soo Choong Dan Mahk Kee
X Block High Sang Soo Sang Dan Mahk Kee
Palm to Ears Kwon Kwee Kong Kyuck
Ridge Hand Yuk Soo Do Kong Kyuck
Hook Kick Nak See Cha Gi
Out to In Axe Kick Pahkeso Ahnero Dwi Kup Cha Gi
In to Out Axe Kick Ahnero Pahkeso Dwi Kup Cha Gi
Reverse Side Kick Dull Ryo Yup Cha Gi
Begin Shi Jock
Meditation Muk Nyum
Sit Anjo
Salute Bay Ray
Reinforced (2 fist) Block Sang Soo Yup Mahk Kee
Leg Block Da Ri Mahk Kee
Hook Punch Gahl Go Ri Jung Kwon
Upper Cut Sang Dan Kong Kyuk
Spear Hand Kwan Soo
Block Mahk Kee
Attack Kong Kyuck
1st Finger 2nd Knuckle Ill Chi Kwan Soo Kong Kyuck
2nd Finger 2nd knuckle Ee Chi Kwan So Kong Kyuck
Jump Roundhouse Kick E-Dan Dull Ryo Cha Gi
Reverse Back Kick Dwi Dull Ryo Cha Gi
Knee Kick Moo Roop Cha Gi
Wrist Block High Son Mok Sang Dan Mahk Kee
Paring Block Yup Jang Kwon Mahk Kee
Fingertip Strike Kwan Soo Kong Kyuck
Closed Ridge Hand Yup Cho Mok Kong Kyuck
Double Front Jump Kick Tu Kop Ui E Dan Ahp Cha Gi
Wheel Kick Dwi Dull Ryo Cha Gi
Heel Kick Twi Gum Chi Cha Gi
Wrist Block Inside to Outside Son Mok Ahneso Phaku Ro Mahk Kee
Spinning Back fist Strike Dwi Kap Kwon Kong Kyuck
2 Fist Punch Ssang Soo Chu Mok Kong Kyuck
Jump Spinning Crescent Kick E-Dan Dull Ryo Ahneso Phaku Ro Cha Gi
Reverse Hook Kick Dwi Hu Ryo Cha Gi
Jump Spinning Hook Kick Dull Ryo Nak Si Cha Gi
Ba Ro Return
Stand up E La Soot
Dwi Tora Turn to Rear
Y Hand Strike Jip Kyi Son Kong Kyuck
Wrist Strike Son Mok Kong Kyuck
Diagonal Inside/Outside Snap Kick Peet Cha Gi
Jump front Split Kick E-Dan Ka Whe Cha Gi
Side Hand Strike Yup Soo Do Kong Kyuck
Half Fist Strike Ban Chu Mahk Kong Kyuck
Created by: karynjv
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