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PCC-HR-2C-Transactional Analysis

Transactionl Analysis Founder Eric Berne
Transactional Analysis Relies on a variety of theories and treatment techniques borrowed from psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, RET, psychodrama, and behavioral theapy.
Personality Theory - Key Concepts "Life position," "ego states," and "scripts"
Life Positions 1) "I'm OK" "You're OK"' 2) "I'm OK" "You're not OK"; 3) "I'm not OK" "You're OK"; and 4) "I'm not OK" "You're not OK".
Three Ego States The Adult - The Parent - The Child
Script A person's life plan.
View of Maladaptive Behavior Is believed to reflect an unhealthy life script, which is largely attrbutable to the negative child-rearing practices on one's parents.
Therapeutic Goals Emphasizes the role of childhood experiences on personality development, it also proposes that people are not entirely bound by the past.
Therapeutic Techniques ITA is an intellectual, insight-and-action-oriented therapy. 1) Structural analysis; 2) Transactional analysis; 3) Game analysis; & 4) Script analysis
Structural Analysis The client is familiarized with the concepts of TA, taught how to identify his/her three ego states, and "given permission" to express all three ego states.
Transactional Analysis Whatever happens between people involves a transaction between ego states.
Three Main Transactions Complementary, crossed, and ulterior
Complementary Transaction Occurs when a message sent from a particular ego state of one person evokes a response from the appropriate ego state of the other person.
Crossed Transaction Occurs when a communication receives a response from and/or to an inappropriate ego state.
Ulterior Transactions Involve two ego states in the initiator and/or responder and two different messages - a verbalized social message and an implied psychological message.
Game Analysis "Games" are repetitve ulterior transactions which may appear to generate intimacy and initially provide strokes, but that actually help people avoid getting close to each other.
Script Analysis The client's current script is identified, often with the aid of a "script cheklist", and the therapist helps the client develop autonomous (scriptless) behavior.
Created by: SBT38
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