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hospital & compound

Which Ch of the USP adresses sterile compounding? USP 797
How often do pharm weights nee to be calibrated? 1 time a year
How often does a HEPA filter need to be certified? Every 6 months
What addresses nonsterile compounding? USP 795
How many different risk level did ASHP establish for pharmacy prepared sterile products? 3
When should hypooallergenic gloves be changed? Hourly
A pharm tech is preparing unit doses of a med so what form must be completed? Unit dose log
3 things that appear on a unit dose log? Med lot number, med NDC number, & pharm tech initials
3 things required on a med order label? Exp date, pharm/tech who prepared, & trade/generic name
What term's used to describe the date assigned to a unit dose pkg? BUD
3 things when handling syringes? Don't recap, don't bend needles by hand, & use 1 hand scoop
What is placed in a sharps container? Used syringes
What color is a sharps container? Red
What type of alcohol should be used when cleaning pill trays? Isopropyl
3 things required on the label of a repackaged med? Generic name, manufacturers name & lot number, & BUD
What's the purpose of a group purchasing organization for a hospital pharmacy? Negotiate prices with drug manufacturer
3 things bout TJC? External & internal products shouldn't be stored near to other to avoid errors, IV admixtures are prepared i a pharm using aseptic tech & laminar flow hood, & unit does are preferred or a traditional vial syste
3 things TJC certifies? Hospitals, LTC facilities, & Nursing homes
Which committee develops a formulary for an institution? P&T
3 things bout compounding? who involved in prep of sterile products should scrub hands with antibacterial then dry, repeat procedure if possible contamination, & makeup shouldn't be worn cause particulate nature of substance
Which organization establishes standards for the identity, strength, quality, & purity of meds, food ingredients, & dietary supplements? USP
A pharm fails to place a rx label on the med container so what law is being broken? 1938 Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act
Pharm prepares rx with mortar & pestle that've been contamiated by antineoplastic agent & dispenses it so which law is violated? 1938 Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act
Created by: princessgoodomen