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Drawing I Vocabulary

Composition The way the parts of a drawing (the elements) are arranged in the designated format. The "elememts" include line, shape, value, form, texture, color (black & white),positive space and negative space
Positive Space The figures or objects in a composition. Sometimes an object can be both positive and negative depending on emphasis
Negative Space The "empty" areas surrounding the positive forms. Tangible forms may act as negative space to other tangible forms.
Value The tonality ot lightness and darkness of various elements of a drawing. In basic drawing that means black and white.
Sighting The process of checking position and proportion of your subject (still-life or live model), using a sighting stick to enhance the artists objectivity in the act of drawing\learning to draw what your eyes see rather than what your mind tells you it is.
Unit of Measurement A small compositional element where height and width are clearly defined and can be used for measuring the relative proportions of the rest of the composition.
Contour In relation to drawing, the term contour is defined as more than the outline of a figure or object. It is more about a linear exploration of outer edges as well aS inner forms.
Blind Contour An exercise wherein the artist makes a contour study looking only at the subject matter and not at the paper. This encourages visual perception and line sensitivity.
Gesture Drawing A quickly made drawing that considers the function of action or expression reporting a quick fluid manner as much general information as possible.