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Info. over Troy

Greek Mythology information over people and things over battle of Troy.

Eris Threw the golden apple into middle of wedding to cause trouble Goddess of Discord
Athena Fights over the golden Apple. looses beauty contest. Goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. Fought with the greeks during the war. She had Odysseus steal the statue of Athena out of Troy.
Hera Fights over the golden apple. looses beauty contest. Wife of Zeus. Fought for the greeks. Goddess of marriage.
Philoctetes Bitten by snake, smelled terrible, Odysseus says to leave him, so he is left to die under tree on small island. Brought back from Island to fight, shoots Paris with one of Hercules's arrows (poisoned). Was given bow and arrow from hercules after setting him on fire to release him from his pain.
Aphrodite Guides Paris's arrow into Achilles's heel, killing him. Saves Aeneas, her son, and her grandchild. Goddess of beauty. Won beauty contest. Gives Helen to Paris, which helps start the war.
Paris Chooses Aphrodite for winner of beauty contest and gets Helen as his wife, but she loves Menelaus. Kills Achilles with help of Aphrodite. Is shot by poisoned arrow by Philoctetes and goes to ex-gf (Oenone) for help, she refuses, he dies, she is upset, then kills herself.
Helen Is given to Paris by Aphrodite, but loves Menelaus. Trys to get the men to come out of the wooden horse, Aphrodite helps her by making her voice seem like each of the men's wives. Doesn't work. Zeus's daughter (mortal).
Ajax Was one of the 2 to fight over Achille's armor. Got angry when he doesn't get armor, gets drunk, slaughters all the sheep, comes back to reality after thinking he killed all of his fellow comrades, gets embarrassed, and falls on his own sword.
Menelaus Lover of Helen. Falls back into love with Helen after the war and they live happily together and have a daughter. King of Sparta.
Agamemnon Has has to kill first born and fight with Menelaus (brother-king of sparta) (he is king of Argos), also likes Helen. Kidnapped woman, who was a prophet of Apollo, gets sick & has to give her back or ELSE. Killed Artimis's deer, killed children, raped women on graves and temples.
Odysseus Is given Achilles's armor. Him and Athena come up with the wooden horse idea. Pretended to be crazy so that he wouldn't have to go to war. Went to war, even though he didn't want to and Fulfilled these 3 prophecies: Steal stature of Athena from Troy Get Achilles's son to fight Use the bows and arrows of Hercules
Sinon Found by Trojans in the bushes while Trojans are observing the wooden horse. Tells them that he ran when the Greeks wanted to sacrifice him. Tells them to not take the horse into the city (reverse psychology) and they take it in anyways.
Achilles Kills Hector, drags body around by chariot around city, refuses to bury body. Feels bad about not burying the body properly, gods feel sorry for him, help put Hector's body back together, and gives him back to his father for proper burial. Takes women during the war. 8 yrs old, fated to die in the war, 10 yrs old when he gets on the boat, 15 yrs old when he starts fighting, 25 when their done fighting.
Clytemnestra Has her first born killed by husband cuz he needed to go to war, hates Helen because she is prettier, plans husbands death for 10 years until he comes back home. Helen's sister.
Iphigenia First born of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon, is killed by father to repay Artemis.
Patroclus Wears Achilles armor then dies by sword of Hector.
Those on the Greek side: Hera, Athena, Hephaestus, Poseidon
Those on the Trojan side: Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, Artemis
Protesilaus First greek to die on trojan soil
Priam King of Troy, Hector's father
Double Entendre Word of phrase that has 2 meanings: 1 innocent and 1 sexual
Iconoclastic Somebody who does not show proper reverence.
Deus ex Machina god of the machine, unlikely or un-natural ending
Anagnorisis recognition, main character figures out that he is at fault for something.
Prologue Opening scene that sets the background for the story.
Created by: Michaela53