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dea & controls

Where are controlled substances stored in a pharmacy? Dispered through the pharmaccy, in a locked room, & in a locked safe
What might indicate that you have received a frged prescription for a control? No abbreviations, appears photocopied, & qty, directions, or dose differs from the usual
Which DEA form must be submitted when a theft of a control substance occurs? DEA form 106
Which DEA form is required to be completed in the destruction of noncontrolled substances? DEA form 41
How long is a pharmacy DEA permit valid? 3 years
For how long is DEA form 222 valid? 60 days
You receive a request from another pharmacy for 100 percocet tabs What do you do? Transfer through DEA form 222
What form is used to report the theft of controls? DEA form 106
3 things that need to appear on a rx label for a control? directions for use, name of me, & pt name
3 things that need to appear on a rx for fluoxetine? med strength, prescribers office telephone number & qty of med
How often must controls be inventoried? every 2 years
What term refers to an inventory of controls conducted every two years? biennial
What do the middle 4 numbers represeent in an NDC number? drug product
Which law required all narcotics be labelled "Warning: may be habit forming"? 1938 Comprehesive Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Act
A pharmacy receives rx for 40 percocet tabs, but the pharmacy only has 15, pt accept 15 & how long does pharmacy have to provide remaining? 72 hours
What is the maximum amount of psuedoephedrine base that may be purchased in 1 day 3.6 grams
If pt request partial fill of tylenol with codeine what can pharmacy do for the pt? Provide partial but can only give remaining if refill is idicated on rx
What's the maximum number of refills permitted on a schedule IV rx? 5
Which law required opium to have a rx? 1914 Harrison Narcotic Act
Created by: princessgoodomen