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ASA 103 Book Quizzes

Combined Quizzes in ASA 103

A_______ - _______ cockpit allows water to escape overboard, either by way of scuppers or a walk-through transom slef-bailing or self-draining
A _______ is used to adjust tension in the standing rigging tension. turnbuckle
When going forward on the sidedeck, it is safer to walk along the ________ side of the boat. windward or high
Cleaning supplies, fenders, a boathook, spare lines, and even extra sails can be stowed in the _______ ._______. cockpit locker
If the wheel-steering systems fail, then a _______ _______ may be fitted to the rudder post to allow steering to resume. emergency tiller
The space beneath the cabin sole is called the _______, where water may accumulate at the lowest point. bilge
To prevent accidental leaks due to hose failure, it is good practice to close all _______ when leaving the boat unattended. seacocks
Type " B " fire extinguishers are used to combat _______ based fires. flammable liquid or petroleum
Most sailboat electrical fixtures such as lights and pumps run on _______ Volts _______ Power, which is provided by the house _______. 12;DC;batteries
When connected to _______ (110 volts AC), the battery voltage is maintained using a battery _______ . While monitoring, the engine-mounted _______ charges the batteries. shorepower; charger; alternator
The battery _______ switch is usually a dial-type fixture that allows a choice to be made between house and _______ battery banks. selector;starting
A Pre-departure on-deck inspection should include looking for missing cotter _______. pins (or rings)
Once the auxiliary engine is started, it is important to check that _______ is flowing out of the _______ outlet. water; exaust
A diesel engine is stopped by shutting off the _______ supply. fuel
When shifting from forward to reverse gear (or vice versa) it is critica to pause in _______ for a second or two to allow the engine to return to idle speed. neutral
The flow of water pushed by the propeller is called prop _______. wash
The tendency of the stern of a boat to be pushed sideways when the engine is in reverse gear is called prop _______. walk
With the engine in reverse gear, a right-handed propeller will likely cause the stern to walk to ________. port
A vessel with divers in the water may display either a _______ flag (Red with Diagonal White Stripe) or International Code Flag _______ (vertical white and blue swallowtail). recreational diver; "A"
Created by: mikelarose
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