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World Wide Web

Bus Topology physical network topology that uses a single central cable to attach each computer or device directly
client occurring in the client side of a client-server system. For example, JavaScript scripts are client-side because they are executed by the user's browser.
CSS abbr. for Cascading Style Sheets; a feature of HTML developed by the W3C allows you to put all your page style into one external file, rather than manually formatting each individual page and clogging the HTML code with hundreds of lines of excess coding
databases structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system relies upon software to organize the storage of data
e-mail sending and receiving of messages and computer files over a communications network or the Internet
Home Page main page of a web site
Hub communication device that joins communication lines at a central location on the network
Hyperlink text or graphics on a web page that can be clicked to display another portion of that same page of another page
Hypertext markup language markup language used to create web pages
Internet largest and most widely accessed network
ISP Internet Service Provider a company that offers access to the Internet for a fee
Netiquette guidelines for interacting on the Internet
Network combo of software and hardware that allows computers to exchange data and to share software and devices, such as printers
Network Architecture structure of a network
Network Interface Card circuit board that goes into a computer or other device in a network
Peer-to-Peer Network type of network that does not have a server
Ring Topology physical network topology where each computer or device is connected to form a closed loop
Search Criteria single words or phrases that are used by the search engine to match web pages
Search engine program that searches a database of web pages for keywords and then lists hyperlinks to pages that contain those keywords
Server-side Ex: CGI scripts are server-side applications because they run on the web server
star topology physical network topology where each computer or device is attached to a hub
target audience section of population identified as likely to be most interested in buying or being associated with a product
TCP/IP software used by networks connected to routers to communicate
topology physical or logical arrangement of computers or devices on a network
web world wide web - most widely used internet service
web browser interprets an HTML document to display a web page
web site series of related web pages
wireless network type of network that does not require the use of cables
Windows a computer operating system made by the Microsoft corporation



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