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Mex terms

Plaza Areas in front of churches that served as markets or meeting places in early Spanish Mexico
Haciendas Large estates owned by wealthy families but worked by peasants, usually Indians
Voodoo a mix of African religions and Christanity found in Haiti that seeks to put spells on people
Isthmus A narrow strip of land that connects two larger areas
Maquiladoras American factories that lie just inside the Mexican border
Caricom Caribbean economic union
Mestizos People of Indian and Spanish and European ancestry
Porto Rico A commonwealth dependant state of the United States
Cacao, Sugar and Coffee Are major exports of the Central America
bauxite is an ore used in aluminum found abundantlly in Jamaica
Mexico from 1920 to the 1980’s was controled by a series of dictators
Mulattoes People of African and European ancestry
Created by: Coach Hilton