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Lab saftey

True or False: Always wear protected eye wear. True
True or False: You are allowed to push, run and horse play in the lab. False
True or False: You can eat and drink in the lab. False
True or False: Report any accidents, spill, or breakage to your teacher immediately. True
True or False: You can wear loose clothing and have hair down in the lab. False
True or False: Have electric cords and equipment in a dry area. True
True or False: If the beaker has a crack in it you can still use it. False
True or False: Never use bare hands to clean up broken glass. True
True or False: After a burn you can just go on with your experiment. False
True or False: Don't ever taste, touch, or smell substances. True
True or False: You can mix chemicals to make a concoction. False
True or False: Notify your teacher immediately after a chemical spill. True
True or False: Always cut toward yourself when dissecting. False
True or False: Stay out of storage area. True
True or False: You can take you goggles off to get a better look. False
True or False: Always clean up your work area. True
True or False: You can wear jewelry i the lab. False
True or False: Do NOT take any materials or chemicals out of the lab. True
Front or Back: Chemical spill kits Front
Front or Back:Containers for broken glass Back
Front or Back: Emergency eyewash Back
Front or Back: Emergency gas shutoff Front
Front or Back:Emergency shower Back
Front or Back: Fire blancket Both
Front or Back: Fire Extinguisher Back
Front or Back: First aid kit Front
Front or Back: Room Exits Both
Front or Back: Sand Bucket Back
When measuring volume of liquids you read from the bottom of the ______. Meniscus
Always carry the balance by the _____. Base
Acid to water or Water to Acid? Acid to Water
Always use _____________ no chemicals directly on balance. weighing paper
Set up order: 1. Goggles first. 2. Aprons on. 3. Get trays/materials.
Clean up order: 1. Turn everything off. 2. Dispose of chemicals as directed. 3. Wash all equipment and put back on tray as found. 4. Wipe down table. 5. Put away goggles.
Created by: Central51