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Greek Mythology

Names of gods & goddesses and their meanings, & questions for Prometheus Bound.

Oceanus is the god of what? Oceans.
Prometheus is the god of what? Foresight, he could see the future.
Epimetheus is the god of what? Hindsight, he could see the past.
Zeus was the god of what? Everything.
Hera was the god of what? Protector of marriage.
Hephaestus was the god of what? Fire & metal working.
Hermes was the god of what? Messages & thieves.
Who was Pandora and why was she created. A woman sent to punish man because man was given fire.
What was left when Pandora opened the box? Hope.
What was Zeus's first punishment for Prometheus? He was chained to Mount. Olympus.
Who did Zeus make chain Prometheus to the Mountain? Hephaestus, Power, and Violence.
Did Hephaestus want to obey Zeus and chain his brother to the mountain? No.
Who said this? "But I have not the heart to bind a brother god violently to this stormy cleft in the mountains. Yet every way I am forced to find the heart for it, since it is hard to leave undone the father's word." Hephaestus.
Who said this & who was it said to? "Can mortals help you out from any of these pains? The gods who called you 'Forethought' gave you a false name. You need forethought yourself if you would find a way to freak out into freedom from this work of art." Power - Prometheus.
Who said this? "New rulers now hold power in Olympus, and in new-fangled law Zeus blindly lords it. Titanic powers of old can now be seen no more. The Chorus.
Who said this & who was it said to? "I wish to give to you the best advice I can. Recognize your own weakness, learn to adapt your ways to new ways. In heaven we have a new dictator." Oceanus - Prometheus.
What is a parados? The first entrance of the chorus.
What is a stichomythia? Single-line line dialogue exchanges between 2 characters.
What is a chorus? Serves as scene changes & reflects the views of man.
What is a eccyclema? A rolling platform used for dead of sleeping bodies in plays.
What is a buskin? 6 inch high, wooden platform shoes.
What was Zeus's second punishment for Prometheus? He would be buried alive when the mountain collapses on him.
What was Zeus's third punishment for Prometheus? He would have his liver pecked out by a bird everyday, and everynight his liver would grow back, only to be eaten again the next day.
Created by: Michaela53
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