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Acock unit 13

all 22 vocab terms...curtesy of ~Angel

abstruse- adjective hard to understand; recondite; esoteric; secret; hidden
affront- noun or verb a personally offensive act or word; deliberate act or display of disrespect; intentional slight; insult; /to offend by an open manifestation of disrespect or insolence
canard- noun a false or baseless, usually derogatory story, report, or rumor; a duck intended or used for food; an airplane that has its horizontal stabilizer and elevators located forward of the wing
captious- adjective apt to notice and make much of trivial faults or defects; faultfinding; difficult to please
contrite- adjective caused by or showing sincere remorse; filled with a sense of guilt and the desire for atonement; penitent
cynosure- noun something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance, interest, etc.;something serving for guidance or direction
decorous- adjective characterized by dignified propriety in conduct, manners, appearance, character, etc.
deign- verb to think fit or in accordance with one's dignity; condescend
desiccated- adjective dehydrated or powdered
efficacy- noun capacity for producing a desired result or effect; effectiveness
engender- verb to produce, cause, or give rise to; to beget; procreate; to be produced or caused; come into existence
ethereal- adjective light, airy, or tenuous; extremely delicate or refined; heavenly or celestial; of or pertaining to the upper regions of space
facade- noun a superficial appearance or illusion of something
ghoulish- adjective strangely diabolical or cruel; monstrous; showing fascination with death, disease, maiming, etc.; morbid
incongruous- adjective out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming; not harmonious in character; inconsonant; lacking harmony of parts; inconsistent
machination- noun A crafty scheme or cunning design for the accomplishment of a sinister end
mesmerize- verb to hypnotize; to spellbind; fascinate; to compel by fascination
opprobrium- noun the disgrace or the reproach incurred by conduct considered outrageously shameful; infamy
preempt- verb or noun to take the place of because of priorities, reconsideration, rescheduling, etc.; supplant; /a precluding bid
putative- adjective commonly regarded as such; reputed; supposed
simplistic- adjective characterized by extreme and often misleading simplicity
cognizant- adjective being aware, coming to a realization, or being knowledgeable; notice; perceptive
Created by: AngelCalin