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Psyc-Gender -Final2

Brooklyn college- Psyc gender - Heyward-

• Type A personality a pattern of behavior characterized by competitiveness, achievement orientation, aggressiveness, hostility, restlessness, impatience with others, and inability to relax - "I will Climb that mountain in an hour!"
• Type B personality a pattern of behavior characterized by noncompetitive, relaxed, easygoing, and accommodating behavior - "I wont climb it "
• Hostile Behavior Patterns Tyrone quickly begins to feel annoyed when the elevator doesn’t come as quickly as it should.His wife has notice other toxic behavior patterns like when he gets irritated when he is held up in a slow line in traffic.
• Working women Selena is a Lawyer who works all day while her wife Miley stays at home with the kids. They are both examples of
• The glass ceiling the phenomenon of women being blocked from advancement even though she is qualified and can see her goal. The barrier is both invisible and impenetrable.
• Horizontal sex segregation can be found in construction, where men make up the majority of the industry's workforce, whereas childcare is almost exclusively a female occupation.
• Vertical sex segregation When we look at hierarchies we find that in health care industry: doctors & surgeons tend to be men, nurses & social workers tend to be women
• Depressed entitlement is viewed as a form of system justification: lower status individuals will endure inequality effecting their own group
• Imposter Phenomenon Zara feels like the success she has achieved was through luck or hard work, and that she is not really as smart as everyone thinks – therefore she is an
• Tokenism A member of a group that is the “odd person” or minority. E.g. male nurses, female firefighters, and also racial minorities, disabled people
• Fair Sentencing Act (2010) Aimed to reduced disparity between sentencing for crack and powder cocaine use (18:1 ratio) 90g of powdered cocaine vs. 5g of crack Also eliminated the 5 year mandatory minimum sentence for crack cocaine possession
• Anti-Drug Abuse Act (1986) Five year minimum sentence for trafficking 500g of powdered cocaine, same sentence could be imposed for possession of 5g of crack 100:1 sentencing disparity
• Rockefeller Laws (1973) Penalty for selling 2 ounces of heroin, morphine, cocaine or possessing more than four ounces-minimum 15 years to life and a max of 25 years to lifeNon-violent crime of drug trafficking equivalent to murder Becomes model for drug laws across the country
• Fine et al., 2001 evaluated the impact of this program on women in the prison, the prison environment, and the women who left prison Reduced recidivism = saves taxpayer money Improved prison environment
• Prison Industrial Complex Definition used to attribute the rapid expansion of the inmate population to private prison companies Network of actors who are motivated by profit rather than by punishing or rehabilitating criminals
• Liberatory Praxis Conscienticizao- Language of critique and language of possibility essential in the pursuit of social justice
• Liberation Psychology an approach to psych that aims to actively understand the psychology of oppressed and impoverished communities by conceptually and practically addressing the oppressive sociopolitical structure in which they exist.
• Settler Colonialism (Tuck and Guishard, 2013) Pathologization becomes the message Commodification of issues Recentering of whiteness and preservation of innocence
• Critical Identity Mapping A feminist psychology qualitative research technique, which enables participants to graphically describe specific concepts and questions asked of them by the researcher -drawing a pic
• Critical Social Psychology “Universal laws of human nature” don’t exist; time, place, and sociocultural positioning of each person varies creating highly varied alternative systems of social roles and conventions
Created by: luzdeluna