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Map Skills

Compass Rose a symbol on a map that shows directions
Landform a natural feature of the earth
Latitude horizontal lines that run east and west around the globe
Longitude Vertical Lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole
Physical Map a map that shows geographic features of a place, such as mountains, valleys and bodies of water
Political Map a map that shows information such as borders, capitals and important cities
Scale a ruler that shows distances on a map
Symbol a mark, drawing, or color on a map that stands for something else
Grid System numbered and lettered rows of imaginary squares along the edges of a map
Legend (or key) explains the symbols used on a map
settlement patterns the grouping of where people live based on natural resources
adapt to adjust to a new way of living
modify to change
environment all your physical surroundings on earth (people, plants, animals)
Region areas that can be grouped together by a set of things special to that area (natural resources, economy, climate, government)
urban big cities - many people live close together, lots of apartments
rural country/farm land - lots of open land, few building spread far apart
suburban small town - outside of a big city - lots of houses, few apartments, yards to play in
Created by: lmcgehee