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Pharmacy Operations

What is not required for safeguarding Sch. II? Transportation and payment records
There are three different types of drug names: Generic, Brand, and Chemical
Info about NDC, AWP, dosage, package size, and manufacturer info can be found in: Red Book
Information about NDC can be found in both the: Red Book and Blue Book
The first five numbers of an NDC identify: manufacturer
The second four numbers of an NDC identify: name, strength and dosage form
The last two numbers of an NDC identify: package size
Another name for Bar Code: Uniform Product Code
A short abbreviation Mnemonic Code
Contains info about product development, quality control, production, labeling, and storage USP - NF
Reference to look up formulas Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences
Parental Product Reference Materials Handbook on Injectable Drugs, Guide to Parenteral Admixtures
Contains Info about new drugs and drug to drug interactions Facts and Comparisons
A good resource to refer to is: Manfacturer supplied information and PPI
Provides information about brand to generic cross referencing, available medication dosage form, and manufacturer contact info American Drug Index
Commercially published compilation of manufacturer's prescribing information (PPI) Physician's Desk Reference
Identifies drug products approved by FDA Orange Book
Drugs that the FDA considers to be therapeutically equivalent and substitutable A - Rated Drugs
Why are some containers amber in color? To protect the contents from light
What are the two types of closures? Child resistant and non-safety
What are some exceptions to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970? If the physician or pt requests non-safety, obtain pt's signature in writing, Rx dispensed to care facilities if staff dispensing, and if manufacturers of OTC are allowed to market non safety if intended for elderly or handicapped
The authority to prescribe is determined at: state level
This organization is responsible for infection control. CDC (Center for Disease Control)
Process of preventing the transmission of blood-borne pathogens Universal Precautions
Commonly used methods for verbally authorized Sch. II Rx Mailed Rx
United States Postal Service permit mailing of Sch. II Rx if: Mailer or adressee is registered with DEA and if they are exempt from DEA, if inner container is marked and sealed, if the container has the name and address of prescriber or pharmacy, and if there no markings that reveal contents
Only prescribers with ____ can prescribe Sch. II or Controlled Drugs. DEA numbers
Patient info may only be released to: Patient Representative, prescriber or other licensed praticitioner, pharmacist, Board, others with pt consent
Can a pharmacy tech take verbal Rx? No.
Can pharmacy tech transfer Rx to another pharmacy or drug interactions? No, only the pharmacist can.
Can the technician give medical advice? No, counseling should be done by the pharmacist.
All labels and products should be: checked by a pharmacist.
The pharmacy technician is _______ to the supervising pharmacist. accountable
The importance of immunization; is to prevent diseases
How long does it take for the vaccine to activate? two weeks
This form is required to be given to the patient when they receive a vaccine. Vaccine Information Statement (VIS)
Are tiny air bubbles a concern? No, but large air bubbles do need to be removed.
Pharmacist may substitute a generic product for a brand name product only if: Physician didn't write DAW, purchaser requests or agrees, substitute has less or equal price, if savings are passed onto consumer or third party payer, label must have manufactuer's name and "generic equivalent", and bioavailability
A document or listing of committee approved pharmaceuticals and therapeutics in stock. Formulary
What are formularies used for? They are used as a guide for payment schedules.
What is the goal of a formulary? To manage cost of rational drug therapy.
The two methods of measuring liquids: conical and cylindrical
Which liquid measuring method is more accurate? cylindrical
These drugs require package inserts oral contraceptives and inhalers
On the spot compounding. Extemporaneous
Good documentations of receipt and distribution are: commerical invoices and narcotic inventory record
Preparing and packaging for more than one patient Bulk compoundig
Controlled Room temp is defined as: 15 - 30 degree C and 59 - 86 degrees F
Refrigeration is defined as: 2 - 8 degrees C and 46-59 degrees F
What type of capsules are used for extemporaneous compounding? Gelatin caps
Class A balance: 6 mg, weighs 120 mg and 15 gm
Class B balance: 30 mg, weights 650 mg and 120 gm
A process of checks and balances Quality control
Includes Goals, policies, procedures and mission statment Strategic planning
process for monitoring, evaluating and improving the quality of pharmacy services Quality assurance
procedure where products are purchased in a sufficient to keep up with demand while controlling inventory size Inventory control
the number of times a product is purchased, sold, and replaced turnover rate
When dealing with emergency orders, you should know your ___________ for ordering, timetables
A good method to obtain emergency stock is to: borrow from another institution
A book of drugs and OTC products that are needed to be ordered in the pharmacy Want Book
Class I Recall: strong likelihood that the drug will cause adverse effects
Class II Recall: chance that the product may cause a temporary adverse effect
Class III Recall: not likely to cause adverse effect
Class IV: there is no Class IV recall
If a medication has expired, what should the technician do? They should follow the manufacturer's return policy or pharmacy's return policy.
All drugs are sent back to: reverse distributor
What does POS (Point of Sale) systems do? They provide sale reports.
The HITECH Act: enforces HIPAA
a point of care utilizing bar code reading technology to monitor the bedside administration of medications eMAR (electronic medication administration record)
Medication taken without permission Drug theft
Medication taken without a valid Rx Drug diversion
Patients are required to pay a specific amount Copayment
Set dollar amount that patient has to pay before insurance pays Deductibles
Patient pays a percentage of total cost Coinsurance
What indicates which PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) a pharmacist sends a Rx to? the BIN number
What is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager? companies that handle Rx billing
What organization is responsible for developing and maintaining UCFs (Universal Claim Forms)? National Council of Prescribing Drug Programs
Processor to whom which most prescription claims are submitted Fiscal Intermediaries
Process by which a health insurance company determines if it should be the primary or secondary payer of medical claims for a patient who has more coverage from more than one health insurance policy Coordination of Benefits
Based on past claims history by a single patient, groups of patients or drugs Retrospective
Compares new Rx with what patient has been previously taking Concurrent
Pharmacist verifcation Prospective
Medication covered payment plan Reimbursement Formulary
DAW 0 no DAW, substitution allowed
DAW 1 specifies branded version of drug
DAW 2 Patient requested
DAW 3 Pharmacist selected Brand
DAW 4 Generic not in stock
DAW 5 Brand dispensed, priced as generic
DAW 6 override
DAW 7 Substitution not allowed
DAW 8 generic not available
DAW 9 other
ObamaCare is offically called: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
This part of Medicare is the hospital insurance portion Medicare Part A
This part of Medicare is the medical insurance portion Medicare Part B
This part of Medicare provides Medicare benefits through private health insurance companies Medicare Part C
Medicare Part D does not cover: - Drugs that are covered under Part A and B - Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates
This program supports low income families Medicaid
This program supports the elderly Medicare
Any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in control of a professional Medical error
Anything that goes wrong or an injury occurs due to a medicaiotn Adverse effects
The Joint Commission advises that commonly misinterpreted abbreviations should be: written out
Technicians should pay close attention to drugs with different _________forms, salt
Offers a list of error-prone abbreviations, symbols, and dose designations. ISMP (Institute for Safe Medication Practices)
Educational/promotional initiative to encourage healthcare providers to identify and report adverse event MEDWATCH
5 rights of medication: Right patient, time, drug, dose, route
This program restricts the distribution of Isotretinion (treats acne). iPledge
Physicians and pharmacies are required to register with one of these three programs in order to prescribe and dispense Clozaril. CARE, TEVA, Clozapine Rx Access System
What does Clozaril treat? schiziophrenia
Thalomid is only available through: REMS
What is Thalomid used for? Multiple myeloma
Why is Thalmoid so restrictive? Because it's potential to cause embryo fetal danger
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