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Pharmacy Tech

200 drugs to remember

Brand NamePurpose
Synthroid Thyroid Hormone
Vicodin Pain Relief
Amoxil Anti-Biotic
Prinivil A.C.E. Inhibitor
Nexium G.E.R.D.
Lipitor Cholesterol
Zocor Cholesterol
Plavix Anti-Platelet
Singulair Asthma
Crestor Cholesterol
Lopressor Beta Blocker
Lexapro Anti-Depressant
Zithromax Anti-Biotic
ProAir HFA Asthma Inhaler
HCTZ Diuretic
Glucophage Anti-Diabetic
Zoloft Anti-Depressant
Advil N.S.A.I.D.
Ambien Insomnia
Lasix Diuretic
Prilosec G.E.R.D.
Desyrel Anti-Depressant
Diovan A.2.R.B.
Ultram Pain Relief
Cymbalta Anti-Depressant
Coumadin Blood Thinner
Norvasc Calc. Chnl. Blkr.
Percocet Pain Relief
Seroquel Anti-Psychotic
Phenergan Anti-Histamine
Flonase Allergies
Xanax Anti-Anxiety
Klonopin Anti-Anxiety
Lotensin Ace Inhibitor
Mobic NSAID(Arthritis)
Celexa Anti-Depressant
Keflex Anti-Biotic
Spiriva C.O.P.D.
Neurontin Anti-Epileptic
Abilify Antipsychotic
K-Tab Electrolyte
Flexeril Muscle Relaxer
Medrol Corticosteroid
Concerta A.D.H.D.
Allegra Allergies
Coreg C.H.F.
Soma Muscle Relaxer
Lanoxin C.H.F.
Namenda Alzheimers
Tenormin Beta Blocker
Wellbutrin Anti-Depressant
Zyrtec Allergies
Topamax Anti-Epileptic
Valtrex Herpes Mgmt.
Lunesta Sleep Aid
Zovirax Herpes Mgmt.
Omnicef Anti-Biotic
Cleocin Anti-Biotic
Colcrys Gout
Lopid Cholesterol
Robitussin Expectorant
Glucotrol Diabetes(II)
Avapro A.2.R.B.
Reglan G.E.R.D.
Cozaar Hypertension
Dramamine Anti-Emetic
Flagyl Anti-Biotic
Caltrate Supplement
AndroGel Low T
Requip Parkinson's
Risperdal Antipsychotic
patanol Antihistamine
Avelox Antibacterial
Focalin ADHD
Lovenox Anti-coagulant
Duragesic Narcotic Analgesic
Bentyl I.B.S.
Zebeta Beta Blocker
Strattera A.D.H.D.
Altace Hypertension
Restoril Sleep Aid
Adipex P Weight Loss
Accupril ACE Inhibitor
Viagra Impotence
Zofran Antiemetic
Tamiflu Antiviral(Flu)
Rheumatrex Rheum. Arthritis
Pradaxa Anticoagulant
Uceris Ulcerative Colitis
Cardura Freq. Urination
Pristiq Anti-Depressant
Humalog Rapid-Acting Insulin
Biaxin Antibiotic
Buspar Anti-Anxiety
Proscar B.P.H.
Nizoral Antifungal
VESIcare Overactive Bladder
Dolophine Anti-Addictive
Minocin Anti-Biotic
Pyridum U.T.I.
Valium Anti-Anxiety
OxyContin Pain Relief
Actonel Osteoporosis
Folvite Supplement
Benicar A.2.R.B.
Deltasone Anti-Inflammatory
Vibramycin Anti-Biotic
Fosamax Osteoporosis
Protonix G.E.R.D.
Flomax Freq. Urination
Dyazide Diuretic Combo
Paxil Anti-Depressant
Suboxone Opiate Addiction
Vasotec A.C.E. Inhibitor
Mevacor Cholesterol
Actos Diabetes
Pravachol Cholesterol
Prozac Anti-Depressant
Levemir Long-Acting Insulin
Diflucan Anti-Fungal
Levaquin Anti-Biotic
Xarelto Blood Thinner
Celebrex N.S.A.I.D.
Tylenol #2 Pain Relief
Nasonex Allergies
Cipro Anti-Biotic
Lyrica Anti-Convulsant
Novolog Rapid-Acting Insulin
Effexor Anti-Depressant
Ativan Anti-Anxiety
Zetia Cholesterol
Premarin Menopause
Zyloprim Anti-gout
Pen VK Anti-Biotic
Januvia Diabetes
Elavil Anti-Depressant
Catapres Hypertension
Xalatan Glaucoma
Vyvanse A.D.H.D.
Dexilant G.E.R.D.
Diabeta Diabetes
Zyprexa Anti-Psychotic
Detrol Incontinence
Zantac G.E.R.D.
Pepcid G.E.R.D.
Cardizem Hypertension
Lantus Long-Acting Insulin
Armour Thyroid Thyroid Hormone
Niaspan Cholesterol
Aleve N.S.A.I.D.
Aldactone Diuretic
Levitra Impotence
Clovate Corticosteroid
Tessalon Antitussive
Depakote Antiepileptic
Avodart B.P.H.
Uloric Gout
Lamictal Antiepileptic
Pamelor Antidepressant
Daliresp C.O.P.D.
Aciphex G.E.R.D.
Enbrel Anti-Arthritis
Bystolic Beta Blocker
Relafen N.S.A.I.D
Procardia Calc. Chan. Blocker
Macrobid Antibiotic
NitroStat SL Angina
Ditropan Incontinence
Cialis Impotence
Kenalog Corticosteroid
Exelon Anti-Dimentia
Prevacid G.E.R.D.
Ceftin Antibiotic
Robaxin Muscle Relaxer
Travatan Ocular Hypertension
Latuda Antipsychotic
Hytrin B.P.H.
Imitrex Migraine
Evista Osteoporosis
Remeron Antidepressant
Humira Anti-inflammatory
Cogentin Parkinson's
Gablofen Muscle Relaxer
Apresoline Hypertension
Bactroban Antibacterial
Inderal Hypertension
Chantix Smoking addiction
Verelan Calc. Chan. Blocker
Lotrimin Anticonvulsant
Mirapex Parkinson's
Victoza Anti-Diabetic
Brilinta Heart Disease
Voltaren NSAID Gel
Onglyza Anti-Diabetic
Juxtapid Cholesterol
Zanaflex Muscle Relaxer
Adderall ADHD / Narcolepsy
Zostavax Shingles Vaccine
Vytorin Cholesterol Combo
Dilantin Anticonvulsant
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