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Italian beyond basic

Italian vocabulary for those who already know the basic words

ammettere admit, allow in
anziché rather than
a presto see you soon!
aula classroom
avere fretta to be in a hurry
avere ragione to be right
avere torto to be wrong
angolo angle, streetcorner, nook
arancione the color orange (arancia = the orange fruit)
allegro cheerful
antipatico unpleasant, disagreeable
asilo kindergarten, asylum
annoiato bored
attivo active
all'aperto outdoor
affitare to lease, rent, hire (noleggiare = to rent, hire, charter)
afoso sultry, muggy
assagiare to taste, sample
benone very good
bussare to knock
bucato laundry
comminare to impose
cavare to get by pulling out, digging out, drawing out
cavarsela get away with, scrape through
compito task, homework
cuffiette ear phones
cucciolo puppy (cucchiaio = spoon)
cognato brother-in-law cognata = sister-in-law
coppia couple, pair, twosome (copia = copy)
conveniente cheap (comodo = convenient)
disponibile available
discutere to discuss, debate, argue
divertente funny, amusing
edicola news stand, kiosk
esterno outside, extenal
essere in retardo to be late
essere di corsa to be running
entrambi both, either one
elenco a list, directory
ficcanoso nosy, busybody
felpa sweatshirt
genitorialità parenthood
genero son-in-law
inviare send, post
impiegato office worker
lampone raspberry
fulmine lightning
lampo lightning
lieto fine happy ending
l'altro ieri the day before yesterday
lavagna blackboard
libretto degli assegni checkbook
libretto di circolazione vehicle registration
mirtilli blueberries
matita pencil
materia subject, topic (materiale = a substance)
more blackberries
meno un quarto a quarter to the hour
meno male thank God!
noleggiare to rent
noioso boring, tedious
nuora daughter-in-law
notizia news
nuvola cloud
ovvia obvious
pure also, too (pur = while)
passare to switch, pass, cross
pianura plain, flatland
prendere appunti to take notes
prendere accordi to make arrangements
prendere atto to take note of
palestra gym
per forza di cose inevitably
per fortuna luckily
perlomeno at least
pigro lazy
parente relative, relation (genitore = parent)
porta sfortuna brings bad luck
poltrona armchair
piattino saucer, side plate
ciotola bowl
prestare attenzione pay attention
prestare to loan
portafoglio wallet
odiare to hate, detest
offro io my treat
quartiere neighborhood
rovine ruins
riceviemento receipt
scolarla drain (scolara = schoolgirl)
spezie spices (specie = species)
speziato spicy
salve hello
sonno sleep
scaffale shelf, bookcase
suocero father-in-law
senz'altro certainly
stoviglie dishes, tableware
scegliere to choose, select
strano strange, odd
spedire to send
scorso last, most recent
sbrighi to hurry up, be quick
luoghi places
attuale current, present time
tuono thunder (tonno = tuna)
tornare indietro come back
tradurre translate
tessera card
tapetto rug
tetto roof, ceiling
ti voglio bene I love you (ti voglio = I want you)
traslocare to move, remove
temporale thunderstorm
tramonto sunset
voglio dire I mean
tirchio stingy, miser
volentieri gladly, willingly
voto vote, ballot (vuoto = empty)
alba sunrise
assai very, much, many
tantomeno nor
nè nè neither ... nor
argilla clay
anche se though, if
diventare become
che lavoro fai what do you do
spessore thickness, depth
spesa expense
capanna hut, cabin
campana bell
grissini breadsticks
essiccati dried
cavolo cabbage
cavolo verde kale
stracciare tear, shred
nodino veal cutlet (lit. knot)
polpette meat balls
albicocca apricot
barbabietola beet
porro leek
sedano celery
ravanelli radishes
federa pillowcase
guanciale pillow, spiced cured pork
prezzemolo parsley
bruco caterpillar
uscio door
gelsomino jasmine
scelta choice
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