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What is the official nonproprietary drug name assigned by a manufacturer? Generic name
What is also known as the trade, or proprietary name? Brand Name
What type of names are Nitro-Bid, Nitrong, and Nitrostat? Brand or Trade names
What term refers to the conditions for which a drug is used? Indications
Which chemical materials, through biotechnology and genetic engineering, are combined to make new drugs? DNA
What word describes the desired effect of a drug, or the reason a drug is administered? Therapeutic effect
A drive or craving to take a drug to relieve discomfort is called: Psychological drug dependence
Constriction of the bronchial muscle, edema of the pharynx and larynx, severe wheezing, and dyspnea are symptoms of what? Anaphylaxis
The process whereby antacids and iron supplements work against the absorption of the antibiotic tetracycline is described as what? Antagonism
What condition is usually treated by administering medications via nebulizers, inhalers and atomizers? Asthma
Which type of medications must be kept in a locked, secure place with limited access, must be counted or measured at the beginning of each shift Controlled Substances
Although a drug may have many brand names, it only has one Generic name
How many calories a day is MyPlate based on? 2000
What is found in sunlight, yellow fruits and vegetables, and green leafy vegetables? Fat-soluble vitamins
A deficiency of which vitamin can cause tingling in extremities? Vitamin B1
Members of the healthcare them should advise patients to exercise caution if using herbs because they are not approved by the FDA
An older female adult should be counseled to make sure she is getting an adequate supply of what 2 items? Calcium and Vitamin D
Which antibiotics pose a greater risk for superinfection than other microbials? Tetracyclines
What is a beneficial product created by bacteria that live in intestines? Vitamins
Which microorganism receives nourishment from undigested food in the colon? Escherichia coli
Why are polio and yellow fever now rare? Immunization
What does OSHA stand for? Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What type of hearing loss results from damage to the central nervous system from the auditory nucleus to the cortex? Central
What is the procedure for instilling ear drops in a child? Pull the auricle down and back
What condition can affect the fetus when a pregnant woman is exposed to rubella during the first 16 weeks? Congenital deafness
Term that describes a hard protein in the cells of epidermis, nails, and hair that is waterproof and a barrier to pathogens and chemicals? Keratin
Skin codition characterized by reds raised lesions and dry silvery scales Psoriasis
An infestation of lice is called Pediculosis
Discoloration or bruising caused by leakage of blood into the subcutaneous tissue Ecchymosis
What is made up of dead white blood cells and debris? Pus
What type of medications are prescribed to treat high cholesterol? Antilipemics
Pooling of blood in the veins, associated with immobility, obesity, pregnancy, chf and steroid therapy can lead to what? Thrombophlebitis
What must be checked daily while on digitalis? Pulse
Effective for treatment of myocardial infarction if given within 6 hours of the onset of chest pain? Thrombolytics
What medication may be prescribed to treat anemia Feosol
The exchange of gases between blood and air is called? Respiration
A patient with a "barrel chest" may be diagnosed with what? Emphysema
What is the goal of oxygen therapy? To relieve hypoxia
Before giving an influenza vaccine, make sure the patient is not allergic to what? Eggs
First sign of upper respiratory cancer? Persistent Hoarseness
A chronic, progressive disease of the liver characterized by degeneration and destruction of liver cells is called Cirrhosis
Disease of the colon and rectum characterized by inflammation and ulceration with alternating periods of remissions and exacerbations Ulcerative colitis
Ordered if a patient is unconscious, nauseated, can't take oral medication, has a fever, or in pain Suppository
4x as much Prilosec accumulates in the blood of what ethnic group? Asian Americans
What does urine contain? 95% water, 5% solutes
Blood in the urine is called Hematuria
Procedure used to provide direct visualization of the interior of the bladder Cytoscopy
What can be replaced by eating a diet rich in potassium, calcium,. sodium and magnesium? Electrolytes
tolterodine (Detrol) is used for what condition? Overactive bladder
The male and female sex glands are called Gonads
If the egg is not fertilized, the hormones cause the uterine lining to be shed, resulting in ? Menstruation
What must happen for trichomoniasis to be cured? Both partners must be treated simultaneously
A person may develop depression, edema, and apathy while taking what medication? Progesterone
What structure controls sleep, appetite, and body temperature? Hypothalamus
Why must insulin be injected? Insulin is destroyed by gastric secretions
Potentially fatal insufficient production of corticosteroids is called Addison's Disease
Weight gain, edema, hypertension, and failure of wounds to heal are problems associated with the long term dose of what? Corticosteroids
What type of injury results from tearing a ligament? Sprain
A drug that suppresses inflammation in degenerative diseases of the joints? Antiarthritic
What adverse reaction of aspirin limits its use in treating musculoskeletal conditions? Gastrointestinal bleeding
What category of drugs slow cell activity and inhibit the passing of nerve impulses? CNS depressants
Dilantin, Depakene, Tegretol and Klonopin treat what? Seizures
What antimigrane drug is available in parenteral, oral, and inhalation forms? Imitrex
Antabuse is given to treat what condition? Alcohol dependence
Permanent changes in mood and behavior occur through Psychotherapy
What psychotic disorder benefits from taking antipsychotics? Schizophrenia
What potentiates the effects of antipsychotics and could lead to a fatal outcome? Alcohol
Xanax, Librium, and Valium are what type of medication? Benzodiazepines
The spreading of malignant cells from one site to other parts of the body is called? Metastatis
What type of drugs cross-link strands of cellular DNA and interfere with RNA, causing an imbalance of growth that results in cell destruction? Alkylating Agents
Term that describes a reduction in the number of leukocytes in the blood? Leukopenia
Hair loss is called? Alopecia
What injection method is most commonly used in administering immunizations? Subcutaneous
What is one of the most important ways in which geriatric medicine differs from medical care delivered to younger patients? Medication therapy
Why are wastes excreted more slowly in the older adult? Kidneys do not filter the blood as efficiently
What affects absorption and distribution? Slower blood circulation, and slower absorption of medications through the intestines.
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