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Religion 10, Quiz #3

If you "want some Jesus", then here you go. © LG 09/07/05

Key termDefinition/Description
Infancy Narratives the gospel accounts of Jesus' Incarnation, birth, and early life.
Infancy Narratives are found in Matthew and Luke; two out of the four gospels
The Aramaic meaning of Jesus "God saves"
Incarnation when God becomes man
Incarnation means "to make flesh"
Visitation day Mary greeted her cousin (who was pregnant with St. John the Baptist)
Annunciation name of March 25th commemoration (when Angel Gabriel greeted Mary)
Christmas/Nativity birthday of Jesus, celebrated on December 25th
Epiphany "Manifestation"; day of visitation by the three Magi
Presentation in the Temple when Jesus met Simeon and Simeon declared that he was the King of the Jews/messiah
When was the Presentation in the Temple? 40 Days after Jesus' birth
Mary mother of Jesus, virgin, and Joseph's wife
Gabriel the angel that greeted Mary with the joyous news she would conceive God's Son
Elizabeth mother of St. John the Baptist; cousin of Mary
Joseph Jesus' birth father ("I have two fathers people say.."); carpenter, Mary's husband of which she hasn't had sexual affairs with
Simeon he greeted the Holy Family in the Temple; was promised by God to see the Messiah before his death
Bethlehem birthplace of Jesus
Nazareth Jesus' home town ("homie-g")
Alexandria, Egypt location Holy Family fled to in Egypt
Magi's literally meaning wise men
What message did the Magi read in the sky that directed them to the Lord? the King (messiah) has come to Palastine
names of the three Magi Casper, Balthasar, Melchoir
three gifts the Magi presented to Jesus gold, frankensense (no clue what that even is!) and myrrh (same for that one...?)
Jesus was raised in... Nazareth
Joseph and Jesus were (trades; jobs)... carpenters
As carpenters, Joseph and Jesus had a specialty in... agricultural implements
Why did the Holy Family flee to Egypt? "Slaughter of the Innocents"
Where did the Holy Family flee to? Alexandria, Egypt
The role of the angel Gabriel was... to greet Mary with teh joyous (what a Grissin word) news she would conceive God's Son
In which Gosepl is the genealogy listed? Matthew
What is the genealogy listed in Matthew's gospel? Jesus' ancestry traces back to Abraham and David; one of the requirements for the Messiah
The genealogy proves that... Jesus is, indeed, the Messiah, because he is firmly rooted in the history of Israel
Created by: villanova