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Wiltja Geography


Vietnam A southeast Asian country on the South China Sea.
narrow Something that is small in width and long in length.
border A dividing line or something that goes around the edge of something else.
capital A city where a country's government can be found. Example: Canberra is the _______ city of Australia.
country The whole land or territory of a nation or state.
formerly Some time in the past.
largest The biggest of all.
official A person or group having the right and power to command, decide, rule or judge.
geography The study of the Earth
mountains Parts of Earth that are very wide, are a taller than a hill and often have steep sides.
forests Large areas of land that have many trees and other plants.
animals Living beings that are not human. Many live in the wild, some in zoos and some as pets.
population The number of people in a particular place.
kilometres A unit of length.
climate The weather of a location over time.
tropical The warm, hot areas located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
temperature How hot or cold a place, space, person or thing is.
variations The little differences between two or more similar things.
monsoons A seasonal, intense wind that creates heavy rainstorms.
causing Anyone or anything that brings about a result. Example: Cutting onions are _______ my eyes to water.
typhoons Tropical cyclones.
thunderstorms A type of weather system with thunder and lightning, often with rain and hail.
Vietnamese A person or thing that originated from Vietnam. Example: The ___________ flag has a five-pointed golden star on it.
languages The many different forms of communication, usually spoken.
fought Past tense of 'fight'. Example: Yesterday I _______ someone for the last cookie.
communist A person or government who believe in the idea that everything should be publicly owned.
southern Something located in the south.
countries The plural of 'country'. More than one.
United States of America A country in North America situated between Canada and Mexico and includes Alaska and Hawaii.
multiculturalism Many people with different cultures living together in one community.
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