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Unit 1

Fetal Development

PaO2 in umbilical vein 30 - 43 mm Hg
Highest O2 Saturation in Fetal Circulation Umbilical Vein
Umbilical Cord has how many veins and arteries 2 arteries and 1 vein
Child will develop alveoli until what age 8 years
heart development begins at ________ and is complete at _________ begins = 21 days (gestational age) complete = 8 weeks (gestational age)
Lung bud appears at _____________ 24 - 26 days (gestational age)
Surfactant begins to arise at ___________ 24 - 26 weeks (GW)
True or False Pulmonary Resistance > Systemic Resistance True
Number of Alveoli at Birth 20 to 150 million
True or False Fetal Hemoglobin has decreased affinity for Oxygen (compared to an adult) False Fetal Hgb has increased affinity for O2 and so left shift on oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve.
Main reason for drawing umbilical cord blood is to determine A. if the infant should be admitted to NICU B. the impact of labor and delivery stress on the infant C. appropriate therapy D. if the infant needs a blood transfusion B. determine the impact of labor and delivery stress on the infant
What portion of fetal blood flow actually perfuses the lung? 10 %
The L/S ratio is is used to: A. estimate volume of amniotic fluid B. confirm gestational age C. indicate fetal lung maturity D. determine presence of infection C. Indicate fetal lung maturity.
Drugs that may be used to stop labor salbutamol magnesium sulfate ritodrine terbutaline indomethacin nifedipine
what is the initial stage of lung development called? Embryonic
Normal Fetal Heart Range 120 - 160 bpm
Target PaO2 for premature infant 60 - 80 mmHg