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Bradykinesia slowness of movement
Tremor shaking
Vertigo dizziness
Stupor difficult to wake up or arouse
Dystonia involuntary muscle spasms to the face, tongue, back and neck
Meningitis, or Encephalitis inflammation that affect the central CNS
Stimulants drugs that make the nervous system work faster (Ritalin)
Narcotic Analgesics med that relieve pain and can result in physical dependence
Tardive Dyskinesia movements of the face, trunk, and limbs as a result of months or years on anti-psychotic drugs
EPS Extra-pyramidal Symptoms a group of symptoms related to anti psychotics
Akathisia motor restlessness that can accour after starting an anti psychotic med
Seizures are treated with meds known as anticonvulsants Dilantin, Depakote, Tegretol
A side effect of Dilantin is Gingival Hyperplasia
People taking Anticonvulsants should watched for toxicity
Depakote and Tegretol are also mood stabilizers not just used for seizures
Ataxia staggering gait
Diastat gel rectal seizures important to watch resp. after administering. If lower than 12 resp. then call nurse
Olfactory cells in the nasal cavity help us to smell and taste
MAO inhibitors need to avoid foods with tyramine, such as alcohol and cheese
Heart medicines to treat anxiety are Propranolol and Corard
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