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commnication the process by which information is transmitted and understood btw 2+ ppl
why is communication important - coordinating work activities - vehicle for organizational learning - critical ingredient for decision making - influencing others
communication process model - a sender transmits a message through a medium - a receiver decodes the message and provides a feedback. - there's noise in btw (anything that interferes)
communication process model: how to improve commnunication - both parties are in the same channel and have similar codebook - both parties share similar mental models - sender is experienced at communicating the msg topic
characteristics of social media - User-generated content - serves diverse functions
user-generated content (UGC) - users, not professional, create the content - usually interactive (ie. viewer can respond)
examples of UGC Facebook, blogs, wikis, tweets
functions of social medis - presenting individual's identity - enabling conversations - sharing information - maintaining relationships
problem with email - communicate emotion poorly - reduce politeness and respect - increase info overload
why choose rich media channel - convey multiple cues - allow timely feedback - allow customized msg - permit complicated info
when to use rich media channel - non-routine - ambiguous
persuasion - changing another person's belief or attitudes - corporately vs socially
examples of communication barrier - perceptions - filter - language - info overload
cross-cultural communication - language - voice intonation - body language
how does organizational grapevine work before social media? - transmits information rapidly in all directions - follows a cluster chain pattern - more active in homogeneous groups - transmit some degree of truth
cluster chain pattern - in the cluster chain, a person tells the information to the selected persons who may in turn relay the information to other selected persons
how does organizational grapevine work after social media? - email, social networking, become mainstream - globalize
grapevine - informal type of communication - satisfying the employees' social affiliation needs.
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