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benzodiazepine diazepam
benzodiazepines are used for what purpose sedation and antegrade amnesia
patients undergoing TEE would likely receive midazolam
this is not considered a form of conscious sedation reversed
the antidote to benzodiazepine overdose is romazicon
sedatives are also called anxiolytic
equipment should be available when administering conscious sedation a suction unit emergency supplies for cpr a self inflating positive pressure oxygen delivery system
early warnings of adult respiratory compromise are restlessness, agitation confusion tachycardia
the goals of airway management are to anticipate and recognize respiratory and to support and replace those functions that are compromised true
these items need to be present b4 the administration of conscious sedation relevant medical history pertinent physical examination including a heart, lung and airway exam appropriate consents
protocol for notifying additional support services should be clearly identified in all areas providing conscious sedation true
these drugs are considered anesthesia rather than conscious sedation fentanyl/sublimaze diprivan/propofol
a patients medication history is an important component of preoperative evaluation because it reveals: a patient's history of adverse reactions any disease states which may influence drug metabolism and excretion presents a medication profile which may reveal a potential for a drug reaction with a drug used intraoperatively or 4 sedation
the purpose of using medications during an IV conscious sedation procedure is to enhance patient comfort
midazolam is used in IV conscious sedation procedure is to allay anxiety
in considering incremental doses of midazolam the onset of slurred speech indicates a maximum dose
flumazenil can produce symptoms of benzodiazepine withdrawal including agitation and seizures true
when opiates and benzodiazepines are used in combination a dosage reduction is recommended
because of the short duration of action of midazolam, a patient may drive home after procedure false
naloxone is a specific antagonist which has a duration of action that is often shorter that that of opiates
vital signs stable and documented a sedation scale score of two consecutive scores of 8 patient & family verbalize understanding of the discharge instructions these things should be completed prior to discharging the patient
the duration of action of the antagonist Flumazenil is shorter than the effects of many benzodiazepines true
brevital/methohexital an ultrashort acting barbiturate with amnesic effect. works by depressing the RAS and enhances the neurotransmitter GABA
versed midazolam
valium diazepam
adverse reactions drowsiness mild hypotension ataxia rash lethargy nightmares dry mouth constipation
idiosyncratic reaction rage excitement hostility can be present
heparin displaces diazepam from protein binding sites & increases the drugs free concentration
reversal agent romazicon-flumazenil
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