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Range of Motion

Shoulder Flexion 155-180 normal range lateral aspect greater tubercle
Shoulder Extension 50-60 normal range lateral aspect greater tubercle
Shoulder Abduction 165-180 normal range close to anterior aspect acromial process
Shoulder Adduction not measured
Shoulder Internal (Medial) Rotation 50-90 normal range olecranon process
Shoulder External (Lateral) Rotation 85-100 normal olecranon process
Scapular ABD and Upward Rotation (MMT) Arm flex at 130 degrees Subject makes a fist, push arm down and in to socket. 543 Prone Serrates press 210 Tests for Serratus Anterior
Scapular Elevation (MMT) The Shrug 543 Prone hand stabilizes traps
Scapular Depression (MMT) Short sit, try to lift up 543 Prone reach for feet 210 Tests Lats dorsi
Scapular Adduction (Retraction MMT) Prone 90 elbow back squeeze and push at proximal part of humerus 543 Cradle shoulder and palpate scapula tests mid traps and rhomboid major
Scapular Depression and ADDuction (MMT) Prone make a y, thumb ups 543 Prone hold arm and tell sub try to lift 210 palpate lower trap. roof of spine Tests Mid Trap
Scapular Adduction and Downward Rotation (MMT) Prone wing snap squeeze push elbow down and out 543 Sit wing snap and push my hand 210 Tests Rhomboid major and minor
Shoulder Flexion (MMT) Pt. sits and flexes arm push down 543 Palpate lateral deltoid 210 tests anterior deltoid
Shoulder Extension (MMT) Prone pt. lifts arm push top of elbow palms up 543 Prone palpate trees major tests lats, deltoid, major
Shoulder Abduction (MMT) MINEE Sit pt abducts arm push down 543 Supine try to slide abduct Palpate lat deltoid Tests mid deltoid and supraspinatus
Shoulder Horizontal Abduction (MMT) Prone with arm straight out lift elbow up to ceiling push down at elbow 543 Prone elbow this time bent try lifting your elbow up Palpate superior shoulder 210 Tests deltoid, infra, teres minor
Shoulder Horizontal Adduction (MMT) Both Heads: Move arm across chest, push Clavicular: move are up and in Sternal: move arm down and in
Shoulder External Rotation (MMT) Prone with towel under arm. pt rotates toward face push 543 Sit and try to slide over table away from body 210 Tests Infraspin, tens minor
Shoulder Internal Rotation (MMT) Prone wit towel under arm pt. rotates back and up push 543 Sit and try to slide over table toward body 210 Tests Subscap, pec ,major
Empty Can Test Supraspinatus
Speeds Test Bicipital Tendinitis
Drop Arm Test Rotator Cuff
Cross-over Impingement Test Super: AC joint Anter: sub, supra, bicep long Post: infra, teres minor, post cap
Neer Impingement Test Shoulder Impingement
Hawkins-Kennedy Impingement Test Shoulder Impingement
Apprehension Test Dislocation of the Glenohumeral Joint
O'Briens Test SLAP lesions
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