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How much clearance space is required between your vehicle and the vehicle you are passing before you return to the lane? at least two feet
When does the law say you are required to use your headlights? from sunset to sunrise and when visibility is 400 feet or less
What type of auto insurance coverage must you have to drive a vehicle in North Carolina? liability coverage
How long after moving to NC are you required to obtain a driver's license? 60 days
What is the penalty for the first suspension if your driver's license is suspended under the points system? your license will be taken away for 60 days
What is the hand signal for a left turn? put left hand and arm straight out, keeping hand and arm still
What should you do to signal an approaching vehicle to dim their headlights when driving at night? flash your high beams once
What is the proper response to a blown tire? steer straight and take your foot off the gas, do NOT use brakes
If you change your name or address, you must notify the DMV within how many days? 60 days
What are some bad habits that could distract drivers from paying attention to the road and their surroundings? talking to passengers, driving while talking on a cell phone, driving while eating or drinking or changing radio stations or CDs
At what Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) are you considered impaired? 0.08%
If you are convicted of DWI while your license is revoked for an earlier DWI conviction, the court may order your vehicle seized and sold. True or False? True
The DMV can suspend your driver's license in which of the following situations? two convictions for speeding over 55 mph within one year, a conviction for speeding over 75 mph, a conviction for racing another vehicle
Can coffee, fresh air, or a shower help you sober up enough to drive safely? no, only time can do this
What is the best criteria to choose the best child safety seat? it should fit in your car and be crash-tested
If you are driving on a two-lane roadway, what are you required to do when a school bus stops for passengers? traffic in both directions must stop
All vehicles, regardless of direction of travel, must yield right of way to an approaching emergency vehicle. When does this rule not apply? this does not apply to vehicles traveling in the opposite direction of the emergency vehicle traveling on a four lane highway with a center median
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