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Study Guide 13

Study Guide 13 Advanced Patrol Procedures

During the course of a traffic stop under normal conditions, officers should attempt to make it.. As safe as possible for all involved.
An officer should always be familiar with the location and area he is working. Who should Officer ALWAYS let know his/her location? Dispatch
Officers are responsible for ______________ during the stop. All parties/subjects.
An Officer is vulnerable during a traffic stop when? During the entire traffic stop evolution from start to the individual drives away.
All drives in the state of Tennessee must possess a _____________. License
Most drivers know __________ about the passengers traveling with them. Details or personal information.
Attention to what is being ______________ by the occupants in important to the investigation officer. observed and said
________ checks are a vital part of any investigation, including traffic stops. Warrant, License, Vehicle etc.
An officer should be mindful to ______ and to listen as to what they are being told. Occupants
There is safety in ________. Numbers
Having a ______ at your disposal is invaluable and even more so when the officer has probable cause that there are narcotics on the scene. K9
Officers should never _________ a vehicle by themselves as there are too many negative aspects of officer safety. Search
The ____ amendment in the United States Constitution states that people have the right to be protected from unreasonable ____________. 4th , Search & Seizure
The ___________ gives law enforcement the right to seize evidence without a warrant during the course of a lawful observation. Plain view doctrine
“Consent to Search” is made by an officer based on the consent of ? The vehicles owner
An officer may conduct a search of the individual and the immediate area surrounding them. This is considered a ____? Search incident to arrest
Key to any case is the _________. Officers need to maintain the integrity of the scene and evidence by using gloves, not allowing unnecessary personnel into the scene or to touch evidence. Evidence
It is the responsibility of the _______________ to know who found the evidence, who photographed it and collected it. They are also responsible for maintaining the scene, the evidence and its integrity. Investigating Officer
Maintaining the __________ are all very important aspects of maintaining the chain of custody of the evidence. Evidence Logs
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