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Theory &Theorists

Matches theorists and therapists with their work as it relates to the LMSW Exam.

Ivan Pavlov Classical Conditioning
B.F. Skinner Operant Conditioning
Milton Erikson Brief Therapy
Aaron Beck Cognitive Theory
Albert Ellis Rational Emotive Behavior Theory
Steve de Shazer Solution Focused Therapy
Ivan Nagy Contextual Therapy
Rollo May Existential Therapy
Ludwig von Bertalanffy Systems Theory
Carl Rogers Person Centered Therapy
Fritz Perls Gestalt Therapy
Eric Berne Transactional Analysis
William Glasser Reality Therapy
Arnold Lazarus Multimodal Therapy
John Grinder Neuro Linguistic Programming
Ronald Fairbairn Object Relations Therapy
Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis
Erik Erikson Psychosocial Stages
Carl Jung Analytic Therapy
Karen Horney Feminine Psychology
Harry Sullivan Interpersonal Psychiatry
Alfred Adler This man created Adlerian Family Therapy as well as Individual Psychology.
Carl Whitaker Experiential Family Therapy
Virginia Satir Conjoint Family Therapy
Murray Bowen Family Systems Therapy
Michael White Narrative family Therapy
Milton Erikson Strategic Family Therapy
Mara Palazzoli Milan Systemic Model
Don Jackson MRI Model
Salvador Minuchin Structural Family Therapy
Les Greenberg Emotionally Focused Therapy
Harville Hendrix Imago Relationship Therapy
Grace Coyle Group Therapy
Jacob Moreno Psychodrama
Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
Albert Bandura Social Learning Theory
Lawrence Kholberg Moral Development Theory
Karl Marx Conflict Theory
Created by: searcysm
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