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Frizzell Vocab #3

Properties of Matter

matter Anything that has mass and takes up space (has volume).
mass the amount of matter in an object. It is measured on a balance in grams/ kilograms.
volume the amount of space an object takes up. It is measured with a ruler or graduated cylinder/beaker
weight the measured pull of gravity on an object. It is measured on a scale in grams/ kilograms.
relative density a physical property of matter which involves sinking or floating of objects in water. Objects that are more dense, sink in water and less dense objects, float in water.
conductor; conduction; conduct a material that allows energy to flow through it.
insulator; insulation; insulate a material that does NOT allow energy to flow through it
soluble; solubility the ability of a material TO dissolve in water.
physical state the classification of matter as a solid, liquid, or gas.
solid a type of matter with tightly packed particles that keep their shape and can vibrate
liquid a type of matter with loosely packed particles which can move and take the shape of the container they are in; Liquids are ‘pour-able’
gas a type of matter with very scattered particles that move very fast; it can take the shape of a container.
temperature the measure of thermal energy’s motion (movement) in an object; more moving thermal energy = hot less moving thermal energy = cold
physical property are characteristics of matter that can be observed and measured, such as mass, volume, state of matter, density, magnetism, solubility, and conduction.
particles; atoms the smallest part of matter; what all matter is made of
freeze changes in the physical property of a liquid when heat is taken away and it becomes a solid. (liquid changes to a solid)
melt changes in the physical property of a solid when heat is added and it becomes a liquid. (solid changes to liquid)
boil changes in the physical property of a liquid when heat is added and it becomes a gas. (liquid becomes a gas)
condensation the process by which a gas changes to a liquid when heat is taken away. (gas changes back to a liquid)
process a series of actions that lead to an end result.
vary; varied; variety to be different; to change in some way
partial; partially not total or not complete; being a ‘part’ of a whole
a- an- non- prefix meaning: not, or without
pre- prefix meaning: before
Created by: tfrizzell