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HIV brand/generic

HIV brand/generic review for CPJE 2016

QuestionAnswerDoseDrug Class
Truvada tenofovir 300mg/ emtricitabine 200mg q 24h 2 NRTIs
Epzicom lamivudine 300mg/abacavir 600mg q 24h 2 NRTIs
NRTI class toxicities Severe hepatomegaly with steatosis and Lactic acidosis
HLA-B*5701 Abacavir risk for hypersensitivity
NRTIs which case pancreatitis, peripheral neuropathy, and higher risk of lactic acidosis "D" drugs Stavudine and didanosine
Retrovir Zidovudine 300mg BID NRTI without regards to meals
Epivir Lamivudine 300mg daily or 150mg BID NRTI without regards to meals
Ziagen Abacavir 600mg daily or 300mg BID NRTI without regards to meals
Videx Didanosine > 60kg 400mg daily < 60 kg 250mg daily Tenofovir increases levels NRTI Take 30 min before or 2 hours after meals
Zerit Stavudine > 60 kg 400mg BID; < 60 kg 30mg BID NRTI without regards to meals
Viread Tenofovir 300mg daily NRTI without regards to meals
Emtriva Emtricitabine 200mg daily NRTI without regards to meals
NNRTI class toxicities rash and hepatic impairment all must be dose adj for hepatic impairment All are CYP inducers or inhibitors
Sustiva Efavirenz 600mg qhs NNRTI empty stomach
Viramune Nevirapine 200mg BID NNRTI without regards to meals
Intelence Etravirine 200mg BID NNRTI Following a meal
Rescriptor Delavirdine 400mg q8h NNRTI without regards to meals
Protease Inhibitor class toxicities fat maldistribution, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertriglyceridemia
Kaletra Lopinavir 200mg/ ritonavir 100mg 400mg/100mg BID or 800mg/200mg once daily (naive pts only) PI tab: without regards to meals liquid: with food
Viracept Nelfinavir 1250mg BID PI with food
Reyataz Atazanvir ATV 300mg + RTV 100mg once daily or 400mg unboosted once daily (naive) PI with food
Lexiva Fosamprenavir 1400mg BID or 1400mg + RTV100mg once daily (naive) 700mg + RTV 100mg BID (exp) PI without regards to meals
Invirase saquinavir 1000mg + RTV 100mg BID PI within 2 hours of meal
Prezista darunavir 800mg + RTV 100mg once daily (naive) 600mg + RTV 100mg BID (exp) PI with food
Aptivus tipranavir 500mg + RTV 200mg BID PI without regards to meals Keep refrigerated
Norvir Ritonovir 600mg BID as single PI PI take with food Keep refrigerated
Crixivan Indinavir 800mg q8h or 800mg + 100mg RTV q 12h PI when boosting, without regards to meals; otherwise without food
Fuzeon Enfuvirtide 90mg SQ q 12h Entry inhibitor
HARRT in pregnancy Drugs to avoid: efavirenz, stavudine, didanosine IV zidovudine should be given during labor
Triumeq Lamivudine 300mg/ Abacavir 600mg/ Dolutegravir50mg 1 tab daily integrase inhibitor
Atripla Tenofovir 300mg/ Emtricitabine 200mg/ Efavirenz 600mg 1 tab daily 2 NRTIs 1 NNRTI take on empty stomach
Complera Tenofovir 300mg/ Emtricitabine 200mg/ Rilpivirine 25mg 1 tab daily 2 NNRTIs 1 NNRTI take with food
Stribild Tenofovir 300mg/ Emtricitabine 200mg/ Elvitegravir 150mg/ cobicistat 150mg 1 tab daily 2 NNRTIs 1 Integrase inhibitor take with food
Genvoya Tenofovir alafenamide 10mg/ Emtricitabine 200mg/ Elvitegravir 150mg/ cobicistat 150mg 1 tab daily 2 NNRTIs 1 Integrase inhibitor take with food
Edurant Rilpivirine 25mg 1 tab daily NNRTI with food keep in original container
Vitekta Elvitegravir150mg 150mg daily with ritonavir or cobicistat Integrase inhibitor
Tivicay dolutegravir 50mg once daily (naive) 50mg BID (exp) Integrase inhibitor
Isentress Raltegravir 400mg BID Integrase inhibitor with food
Dutrebis Raltegravir/lamivudine 150/300mg Integrase inhibitor and NRTI
Combivir zidovudine 300mg/ lamivudine 150mg q 12h 2 NRTIs
Trizivir Zidovudine 300mg/ lamivudine 150mg/ Abacavir 300mg q12h 3 NRTIs
Created by: lukaszewiczj



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