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Assignment 1


True or False. Mindless reading is the act of running your eyes over a page only to realize you don't recall a thing you read. True
A key concept is _________ A. the main topic you are reading about B. The most important idea C. the supporting details. D. None of the above A
True or False. Many college bound students lack the ability to read and understand complex texts. True
In note taking, it is recommended to write down everything the professor says. False
To take effective notes it is important to ask yourself, What should i write in my notes and _____ should I write that information How
What should you do before organizing study materials? Adopt a growth mind set
True or False. It is important to organize your study materials? True
How does organizing your study materials help you? It helps you to learn in a deep and lasting way.
To strengthen neural networks, use many different kinds of ______ strategies and distribute these efforts over time. Rehearsal
True or False. Rote rehearsal is more about remembering than understanding. True
What does the "C" in the CORE Learning System stand for? A. Collect B. Comprehend C. Compassion D. Colleg A
When given a test by your professor what should be your first step? A. Freak out B. Preview your test C. Answer all questions D. Go to the bathroom B.
Prepare yourself physically and __________ before a test Emotionally
After you preview your test, it is smart to answer true or false questions first True
Writing well __________ learning Enhances
Carry index cards for _________ ideas Collecting
Like learning, writing is a ________ Process
What is a main idea A. most important idea B. Secondary idea C. topic sentence D. supporting details A
What is active reading? A. intense mental engagement in what you are reading B. running your eyes over a page and not remembering what you read C. only reading the first paragraph D. reading only for the benefit of finishing your homework. A
What are somethings you should do before reading? A. Approach reading with a positive attitude B. Create a distributed reading schedule C. Review past readings D. All of the above D
Created by: kbullington