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Facial Makeup

Chapter 19 - Standard Esthetics

The cosmetic used as a base or as a protective film is: Foundation
Water based cream to powder foundation is particularly effective for: Oily skin
Pot concealer:A. may double as a foundationB. provides most coverageC. provides sheer to medium coverageD. is fluid in consistancy B. provides most coverage
The cosmetic that adds a matte or dull finish to the face is: Powder
Translucent face powder is: Colorless
The cosmetic also known as blush, blusher, or rouge is: Cheek color
Lip color should be applied with a lip brush beginning: At the outer corner of the upper lip
Lip liner helps to keep lip color from Feathering
When applying eye shadow, you should as a rule avoid Matching eye shadow with eye color
An eye shadow that is darker and deeper than the client's skin tone is called Contour color
Eyeliner is used to make the: Eyes appear larger
To apply a line closer to the lash line with a softer effect, you may use: Eye shadow
When applying eyebrow color, avoid: Harsh contrasts between hair and eyebrow color
An angle brush may be used to apply: Eyebrow shadow
Blues, greens, and violets are: Cool colors
The three main factors to consider when choosing makeup colors for a client are skin color, eye color, and: Hair color
Complementary colors for blue eyes include: Peach and copper
When choosing makeup colors for a client, avoid: Mixing warm and cool colors
Before applying foundation makeup: The skin should be cleansed
The color of foundation is tested by blending on a client's: Jawline
The last cosmetic to be applied is usually: Lip color
In corrective makeup, a lighter shade of foundation: Emphasizes a facial area
The primary objective of corrective makeup is to create the optical illusion of a/an: Oval face
A client with an inverted triangle (heart shaped) face can be identified by: A narrow jawline and a wide forehead
Corrective makeup for a large or protruding nose includes: Darker foundation on the nose
To minimize wide set eyes and make them appear closer, it is best to: Extend eyebrow lines to inside corners of eyes
Ruddy skin can be corrected with a foundation that is: Yellow
Band lashes are: eyelash hairs on a strip that are applied with adhesive to the natural lash line
Procedure in which individual synthetic eyelashes are attached directly to the clients own lashes at their base eye tabbing
Shaped, solid mas; heavy coverage cake(pancake) makeup
Primary and secondary colors opposite one another onthe color wheel complementary colors
Cosmetics used to cover blemishes and discoloratios concealers
May be applied before or after foundation concealers
Colors with a blue undertone that suggest coolness and are dominated by blues, greens, violets, and blue-reds cool colors
Heavy makeup used for theatrical purposes greasepaint
Yello, red, and blue; fundamental colors that cannot be obtained from a mixture primary colors
Colors obtained by mixing equal parts of two primary colors secondary colors
Colors formed by mixing equal amounts of secondary color and its neighboring primary color tertiary colors
The range of colors with yellow undertones; from yellow and gold through oranges, red-oranges, most reds, and even some yellow-greens. warm colors
One example of specialty makeup is: bridal makeup
Individuals with permanent scars or disfigurements can benefit greatly from: camouflage makeup
Lighter than the skin color, and accentuate andbring out features such as the brow bone under the eybrow, the temples, the chin and the cheekbones highlighter
Colors that are darker shages used to define the cheekbones and make features appear smaller contouring
Sets the foundation and finishes the makeup blending. powder
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