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Facial Massage

Chapter 15 - Standard Esthetics

Name at least five benefits of massage. relaxation, stimulation, metabolism, muscle tone, cleanse & purifiy skin, slough off dead skin cells, reduces puffiness & sinus congestion, product absorption, muscle tension & pain, sense of physiological & psycological well-being
Massage movements need to ____ and be consistent. flow
Hand movements shoudl be ____ and ____ easily from one area to the next. smooth, glide
A soft, continuous strokingmovement applied with the fingers andaplms in a slow and rythmic manner effleurage
A rubbing movement, pressure maintained on the skin to create ______. friction
Chucking, rolling and wringing are all variations of _____. friction
A form of petrissage in which the tissue is grasped, gently lifted and spread out fulling
Stimulates lymph fluid to flow through the lymphatic vessels. manual lymph drainage
This light massage technique helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. manual lymph drainage
A manual or mechanical manipulation by rubbin, kneading, or other methods that stimulate metabolism and circulation. massage
A kneading movement that stimulates the underlying tissues petrissage
Treatment of the body through reflex points located on the bottom of the feet reflexology
The movement sometimes referred to as a "piano movement". tapotement
Fast tappping, slapping, and hacking movements tapotement
A rapid shaking movement in which the technician uses the body and shoulders, not just the fingertips, to create movement vibration
Beneficial for oily skin; it helps move sebum out of the follicles and up to the skin's surface by kneading. Dr. Jacquet movement
Uses essential oils applied to the skin during massage movements. Aromathera;y
An Oriental technique of applying pressure to specific points of the body to release muscle tension and chi. acupressure
A Japanese technique using acupressure massage points. shiatsu
A vigorous movement with the hands placed a small distance apart on both sides of the arm; while the hands are workingdowward, the flesh is twisted against the bones in opposite directions. wringing
Used on the arems and legs to aply pressure to the tissues; move both hands at the same time, opposite each other, while rolling the flesh up and down the bone. rolling
Movement of one hand up and down along the bone while the other hand keeps thearm in a steady position chucking
The most important of the five massage movements effleurage
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