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Hair Removal

Chapter 17 - Standard Esthetics

Name the 3 phases of hair growth. anagen(growing), cartagen(intermediate phase), telogen(shedding)
The scientific study of hair is? trichology
Name the parts of the hair structure follicle, arrector pilli muscle, bulb
The hair follicle is made up of ________ cells. epidermal
The lower part of the hair root is the what? bulb
The average face contains how many follicles per square inch? 3200
Lanugo means the hair that grows on a fetus before birth, it is sometimes also used to describe what type of hair? fine downy hair
What legnth of time does hair grow before it reaches the surface of the skin? 4-13 weeks
normal pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, certain diseases, particular drugs, and emotial shock or stress hirsutism
Name the excessive hair growth on the face, arms and legs, present especially in women. hirsutism
Name the excessive hair where hair does not normally grow. hypertrichosis
Excessive hair growth on a female face or body may be attributed to _____ _____. hormonal imbalances
Menopause may cause excess facial hair often called the _____ _____. menopause mustache
What is considered the only true permanent method of hair removal? electrolysis
How does the galavanic method of electrolysis work? decomposes the papilla, the source of nourishment for the hair, by transforming saline inside the follicle wall, allowing for easy hair removal
What method of hair removal uses electrical current? galvanic electrolysis
When is laser hair removal most effective? during the anagen(growth) stage
A caustic alkali preparation used for temporarily removing superfluous hair by dissolving it at the skin level. depilatory
A term for infected follicles or ingrown hairs. barbae folliculitis
Razor bumps or ingrown hairs without pus or infection. pseudofolliculitits
Removes hairs from the follicles, i.e. waxing or tweezing. epilation
The first state of hair growth anagen stage
Located in the hair follicle; when it contracts, the hair standds straight up, causing goose bumps arrector pili muscle
The second transition state of hair growth catagen stage
In the stage of hair growth, the hair shaft grows upward and detaches itself from the bulb catagen
Stage of hair growth during which hair is produced. anagen
Removal of hair by means of an electric current that destroys the hair root electrolysis
The swelling at the base of the follicle that provides the hair with movement bulb
It is a thick, club-shaped structure that forms the lower part of the hair root. bulb
The tubular shield that surrounds the hair shaft follicle
The "pore" where hair grows follicle
Cone-shaped elevations at the base of the follicle that fits into the bulb papillae
These are filled with tissue that contains the blood vessels and cells necessary for hair growth and follicle nourishment papillae
The part of the hair that lies within the follicle at its base, where hair grows root
The portion of the hair that extends or projects beyond the skin hair shaft
The portion of the hair that consists of the outer layer (cuticle), inner layer (medulla), and middle layer (cortex). shaft
A photoepilation hair-reduction method using flashes of light and different wavelenths intense pulse light (IPL)
An intense pulse of elctromagnetic radiation intense pulse light (IPL)
The hair on a fetus lanugo
Soft and downy hair covering most of the body lanugo
A photoepilation hair reduction treatment in which a laser beam is pulsed on the skin using one wavelength at a time, imparing hair growth. photoepilation
An ancient methond of hair removal, dating back to the Egyptions. sugaring
Sugar, lemon juice, and wter that is heated to form syrup, molded into a ball and pressed onto the skin, and then quickly stripped away sugaring
Final hair growth-stage telogen
The resting stage of hair growth telogen
A heat effect used for permanent hair removal thermolysis
The scientific sturdy of hair and its diseases trichology
Very fine, soft, downy hair covering most of the body vellus hair
Unit that contains bothe the sebaceous appendage and the hair shaft. Pilosebaceous follicle
How much hair one has is predetermined by ___. genetics
Where on the body does hair NOT grow? the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, the lips and the eyelids
Most clients want hair removed from which areas of the body? eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, chin, underarms, bikini line, and legs.
Highly vascular, coarse hair on various areas of the body during adult years. terminal hair
Also called "club hair" telogen
Method of hair removal that combines both termalysis and galvanic electrolysis as a means of permanent hair removal Blend (AC/DC)
Destroys the hair by coagulating the jpapilla through heat. Electrocoagualtion or thermolysis
Method of hair removal that relies on radio waves electronic tweezers
When should a hair growth inhibitor be applied? after waxing
How long should hair be for effective removal by waxing? 1/4 to 1/2 inch
How thick should hard wax be when applied? about thick as a nickel with a thicker end for pulling
What is the primary method of hair removal used by estheticians? waxing
Wax that is gentle enough for the face area, yet strong enough to remove coarse hairs. hard wax
Strip wax with a low melting point soft wax
Facial waxing should not be performed on clients who have these contraindications: recent chemical peels, microdermabrasion, injectables (Botox), cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, rosacea/sensitive skin, sunburn, fever blisters/cold sores, pustules, papules, taking retin A, hydroquinone, cortisone meds, Accutane, blood thinnign meds
Tweezers should be thoroughly cleaned and placed into this type of sanitizer. wet sanitizer
What type of disinfectant should be used for cleaning instruments? hospital-strength
This type of wax has a high incidence of allergic reaction. beeswax
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