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Assignment 1 - Option 2 - Organizing Study Materials p. 141

To pass the many quizzes, tests and exams they will take in college, students obviously need to know how to study. - True - False True
Having positive beliefs about the value of studying improves your _____________. Learning Outcome
Having one com-fortable place where you usually study has many _____________. Advantages
Do whatever is necessary to minimize interruptions while you _____________. Study
As you know, active learners engage in numerous _____________ spread over time. Study Sessions
Since you have already marked and annotated all of your read-ing assignments and taken detailed notes in class, you will have a large ___________________ of information and skills. Collection
Now your goal is to _____________ this condensed in-formation in ways that will help you understand it thoroughly. Organize
The Organizing options described next fall into one of two broad categories: linear or graphic True
First is __________ relating new information to what you already know. a) Prior Learning b) Quality of processing c) Quantity of processing a) Prior Learning
Second is the __________ creating many different kinds of deep-processing strategies. a) Prior Learning b) Quality of processing c) Quantity of processing b) Quality of Processing
And third is the___________ using frequent practice sessions of sufficient length distributed over time. a) Prior Learning b) Quality of processing c) Quantity of processing c) Quantity of Processing
According to psychologist Carol Dweck, one important belief is that the abil-ity to learn can be improved . Dweck calls this belief a “ growth mind-set .” - True - False True
What is the first step in the CORE system? a)Organize b)Collect c)Rehearse b) Collect
As you know, active learners engage in numerous study sessions spread over time. -True - False True
What is the third step in the CORE system? a)Rehearse b) Collect c)Organize a) Rehearse
What is the final step in the CORE system? a) Rehearse b) Collect c) Evaluate c) Evaluate
A good studying exercise is to interview unsuccessful students and ask for their favorite ways to create effective study materials. - True - False False
It is not a good idea to get feedback on your work. -True - False False
What does each letter in CORE mean? Collect Organize Rehearse Evaluate
Why is CORE important? The CORE system is important because each step ensure that you know the material that your studying.
Created by: B3Hdz